Architecture and Construction

It is often critical that architects work through problems and issues during the building phase in close coordination with the construction builders themselves. Irregardless of where the building is being built, the architect can use the BARTEC PIXAVI wearable video conferencing technology to connect parties directly in-real time to any situation requiring advanced collaboration. Through efficient and effective wireless video conferencing technology and wireless networking, architects, construction contractors and property developers can now start increasing efficiency, competitiveness and profit margins.




Applications within Architecture

Architects and civil construction engineers require a solid understanding of their work sites in order to correctly place, build and detail structures. In coordination with its customers and third party contractors, the architect or property developer can hold live, in the field, video conference meetings in order to gain insightful knowledge on the project. Quick, efficient and useful feedback from the customer, construction manager and project official are essential in order that the optimal building criterion is realized.

The technology can also be used for inventory control, training, installation and maintenance support. The ROI in the video conferencing investment immediately starts when you have remote experts helping out without having to travel to the location every time.


In today’s modern communications world, wireless networks are becoming more common and prominent, even on building construction sites. By engaging the wireless network at the construction site, the architect can deploy a BARTEC PIXAVI mobile device for wireless video conferencing to communicate with live IP video, real-time video steaming and full duplex audio to his/her clients virtually anywhere in the world. The SIPIDO mobile telepresence conferencing technology, can also allow architects to take high quality still images, as well as High Definition (HD) quality mobile video for archiving and storage.