Energy Industry Scenario

A regional power company has several power plants in operation in a widespread area. Often service personnel are required to assist in a resource intensive maintenance routine, but due to logistical complications, it just is not possible to travel to the site when the problem arises. Enter the Impact X intrinsically safe smartphone and its real-time, video and audio capabilities. Service personnel on site, can send images and audio to other knowledgeable centers for help in order to make critical repair recommendations, so that the equipment and the power plant can continue to operate as normal. This way of operating saves both valuable travel, or windshield time, as well as it increases efficiency. The remote expert can support several locations from one central location. The BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices audio and video stream can also be used in parallel with other operational data.




Applications within the Energy Industry

The commercial energy industry is a very important segment of our global community. Large electrical and generating plants play a large role in our everyday lives. And with today’s focus on the environment, new and reusable energy sources are creating the need for technical and communications equipment and solutions that are environmentally friendly as well. The demands for more and simplistic methods to share work is increasing. The requirement for more information from the field is also on the rise. The size and complexity of the plants that generate the power is astonishing. Therefore, the importance of keeping these plants running can not only be measured in dollars, but also in quality of living of the people that depend on the power they need every day.

On many occasions, researchers and scientists alike, require technology tools that allow them to discuss and be present in conferences, meetings and industry seminars to share their opinions and findings. The BARTEC PIXAVI line of wireless video conferencing equipment, including the Impact X and Gravity X, allows these individuals to quickly and effective report directly from distant locations. They are able to share visual images of progresses, send high quality images of various findings, as well as discuss solutions and opinions with other scientists and participants around the world. In the same way as most people use skype or other services to talk to their colleagues and family, you can bring this capability to the field with BARTEC PIXAVI technology. Our technology bridges distance, creates efficiencies and allows for real-time collaboration, so that knowledge can reach those areas of need. BARTEC PIXAVI also offer explosion proof wi-fiintrinsically safe wi-fi, and atex wi-fi solutions for creating wi-fi hazardous areas.



BARTEC PIXAVI has build solid knowledge regarding products designed to operate and function in demanding environments. Our products include the very latest wireless 802.11n technology and HD video conferencing. We have implemented them into a tough and durable package, that offers live mobile video conferencing capabilities, all in High-Definition (HD) quality images.

Large power plants rely on a high level of safety and predictability. The increasing number of power plants puts high demand on expertise and skillful understanding on how to address continual concerns on maintaining the optimal running conditions in these large facilities. With the BARTEC PIXAVI line of wireless, mobile video conferencing solutions, technicians, plant project managers and experts can maintain stabile communications from the field to any location in the world.