A firefighter is facing considerable risk when entering critical situations. The more information that is available to the fireman, before his/her arrives at a scene, can ultimately mean life and death in some very specific cases. With the rugged BARTEC PIXAVI technology in hand, on-scene fire officials can quickly report, in real-time video and audio, back to command posts, that can quickly offer tactical recommendations, which can translate into a more effective and efficient handling at the incident. Having video and audio technology available, you can also make decisions on how and where to send the next team of fire fighters, safely ensuring that the conditions are safe enough to send in more people.





Applications within firefighting

Firefighters often times arrive at a critical emergency scene with little actual knowledge of the situation they have been requested to respond to. A reported small contained structure fire at the time they leave the firehouse can quite easily escalate to a full, very complex, multi structural building fire by the time they arrive at the scene.

In order to help determine the best logistical approach to battle the fire, firefighters and on scene fire officials can quickly transmit live IP video and images from the scene, back to commanders ready to assist with instructions, guidance or suggestions on how to best combat the fire. The revolutionary SIPIDO mobile telepresence wireless video conferencing technology creates a running forum of up-to-date, real-time information for all the firefighting personnel to join. Time is critical, and the more accurate and secure the information is, the better organized the firefighters will be when they engage the fire itself.

The explosive proof, Impact X smartphone, is designed and certified to tackle harsh and unforgiving environments. And as the level of on-scene activity grows, and as temperatures rise, the technology is able to deliver High Definition (HD) live and still images to fire command. In return, command officials can afford firefighters crucial tactical recommendations that otherwise create an advantage in how best to contain and resolve the emergency.


The SIPIDO mobile telepresence technology can also be recommended for use at fire training academies. Individual fire cadets, equipped with the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices, allow training officials to monitor step by step maneuvers by the cadets and thus be able to quickly afford them insightful knowledge during the training exercise, which will ultimately serve them well once they are in the field in real operations.