The use of live, in the field correspondence has become increasingly popular in the media business. Traditional broadcasting equipment is becoming outdated, and the faster, more effective BARTEC PIXAVI technology is gaining footing in a very demanding arena of usage. With the SIPIDO mobile telepresence app, reporters can quickly access a wireless network to transmit a full, High-Definition quality, live, wireless video conferencing report from the field, when a developing story is unfolding. The video feed can be transferred using Internet access or satellite links and stand ready to go live within seconds.

High capacity battery and good quality camera optics ensures that the quality is good enough, even for HD television viewers. The BARTEC PIXAVI line of products is interoperable with most video conferencing and streaming systems.




Applications within Journalism

News organizations associated with print and visual media reporting depend on quick and reliable facts to ensure that their reports generate the clearest and most concise information possible. The BARTEC PIXAVI technology allows local, nation and global news agencies to report directly from the field, in real time, through both real-time video and audio streaming directly to network television or internet portals on their respected websites.

The Impact X, with its ability to operate as both a Wi-Fi still image camera or powerful video recorder, can otherwise quickly engage the wireless network for transferring into a real-time video streaming system to be able to report all the stored images or video segments directly to the network.

Should the reporters find themselves in the field covering an important news story, the BARTEC PIXAVI offers dependable, proven technology to help transfer images and dialog directly from the area or event. Sporting events, weather reports and critical news updates, can all benefit from using the revolutionary Xcaster technology.

Generating interest and opinion are critical factors in news content. The technology gives the journalist a significantly greater opportunity to process these facts, allowing for more complete and accurate reporting.