Manufacturing Scenario

In a globalized world, where products are sold worldwide, efficient, centralized and optimized production and shipping of goods is essential. Often the means of production is very complex, requiring expert assistance to run smoothly and efficiently. Complex machines need fine tuning and care. Therefore, manufacturers need to collaborate across vast distances and time zones. For example, a car manufacturer has a team of 20 crash test experts located all around the world. The manufacturer has built a brand new crash test center at a certain location. Traditionally, the experts would travel to this site once a month to perform crash tests and evaluate the results. Today, this test center is using BARTEC PIXAVI wireless video conferencing products to communicate, document and analyze crash tests virtually. The experts can stay at their fixed location and do not have to spend time and resources on travel.




Instant access to the right expertise

The manufacturing industry is a very demanding and competitive industry. On occasion, large machinery breaks down and consequently requires immediate servicing in order to keep the production facility operating. However, sometimes key service personnel are not able to respond quickly, due to logistical and time challenges, thereby keeping the machinery at full stop and not producing.

The BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices for video conferencing has been designed with just such situations in mind. By utilizing the BARTEC PIXAVI SIPODO wireless mobile telepresence technology, company officials and service agents can quickly via two-way audio and video, determine what the problem is by being able to actually see the faulty equipment directly from the site, back to wherever in the world the service agents are.

Through an established wireless network at the site, the BARTEC PIXAVI Impact X or Gravity X can quickly and effectively communicate utilizing IP video streaming to establish a true, in field and live mobile video conferencing collaboration session. The key service agents can thus maintain help to troubleshoot the faulty machinery and in most cases get the machinery rolling again, so that manufacturing routines are not halted, and profits not lost. In this situation, discussion, diagnoses, and error checking can all be done in real time! In order to allocate more and dedicated service personnel, management and consultants to various operations, the wireless video conferencing systems by BARTEC PIXAVI, can help create a better forum of resources in which to pool from. Having this capability available at short notice help solve issues as early as possible. This routine can also be reversed, showing engineers how the machines are used by the operator can reveal new insights. If your manufacturing environment requires explosion protection, check out our intrinsically safe camera versions.



In the case of heavy machinery, service companies can outfit a designated service person with the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile wireless video conferencing system, in order to collaborate and discuss a repair with other company service members that might be located anywhere in the world, in order to discuss a proper course of action for a repair. The high quality video and audio quality ensures that the issues are diagnosed correctly. Video allows for a more rapid explanation and comprehension of the task at hand.

Safety is also a major concern during repair operations. Service personnel can quickly and efficiently, utilize the real-time audio and video features of the BARTEC PIXAVI SIPIDO mobile telepresence app, discuss an effective service routine with managers far away, to ensure that a safe work routine will done.