There exists, unfortunately, problematic areas of the world that require dedicated peacekeeping missions. In one example, a new peacekeeping representative runs into a potentially troubling situation while on a basic mission to check on a remote refugee center. As the representative is somewhat inexperienced, he / she can utilize the BARTEC PIXAVI series of products, in order to record or send live video and images from the incident. Officials in regional support centers, can quickly get a full view of the event, and offer the in the field representative, good advice and information on how to handle a potentially very complex situation. Solid and reliable information is a key factor in helping to solve problems and make decisions.




Wireless Video Streaming within Military

With the increased demand for peacekeeping missions, so is the demand for knowledge resources to help control, inform and delegate materials and mission critical information to those troubled areas.

Pixavi has a wide variety of products and solutions, that can help facilitate even the most troubling of situations, within the most demanding of environments. Should the need call for high-quality, mobile, wireless video conferencing, or durable weather proof antennas that confirm to toughest criteria, BARTEC PIXAVI has the solution to help the cause.

With the ruggedized mobile devices which doubles as wireless video conferencing system, peacekeeping forces and aid workers can freely move within difficult terrain, maneuver through brush and obstacles, to report in real-time to operation centers, quickly and efficiently. With High-Definition image quality, BARTEC PIXAVI products transfers the detailed images straight from the field, thought a dedicated network, back to the operations centers.

Should a dedicated wireless network not be readily available, the BARTEC PIXAVI products has a built-in flash memory allowing it to function as a rugged mobile video camera, as well as a still image camera, producing high quality video and pictures. Once the mission reporting in the field is complete, the mission worker can bring the mobile devices back the operations center, and upload all the video and images, and stream this information directly back to those decision makers, responsible for managing the mission. With the image information in hand, clear and decisive measures can then be taken as to how to handle a particular situation.