Scenario within oil and gas

The growing complexity of oil installations, often required very specific domain expertise and knowhow. Complex installations and equipment need dedicated engineers that can quickly determine faults should they arise. However, on some occasions, the call for even greater knowledge and experience resources are required to help recommend a proper service action, in order to prevent a shut down. This expertise is not available onboard, and you have to call in the experts. The Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone, ATEX and Ex Zone 1 certified, doubles as a wireless video conferencing system. It is able to combat the toughest of elements and situations. With real-time video and audio, the offshore service persons can seek assistance from onshore knowledge banks, to quickly determine the best and safest routine to complete the job.




Certified for hazardous areas

BARTEC PIXAVI technology is proving its worthiness in some of the world’s toughest environments. The oil and gas offshore installations have long been deemed a very brutal and unforgiving place. With the introduction of BARTEC PIXAVI technology to these areas, large oil and gas companies have gained cost saving, less travel, better HSE and a safer working environment. Over the past decade, many of the world leading Oil & Gas, and service companies have utilized the BARTEC PIXAVI intrinsically safe cameras to collaborate in hazardous areas. The ATEX camera has its two way audio and video which allows workers in the field to address issues, problems and situations with colleagues anywhere in the world. The SIPIDO mobile telepresence app offers high definition wireless video conferencing system enables fast, secure and effective collaboration anywhere.

To shut down or not to shut down

The decision to order a shut down is costly. Both time, money and safety elements are on the line. During these situations, seeing the complete picture is essential and BARTEC PIXAVI technology has time and again proven itself as an invaluable tool essential to critical information flow. On many occasions, the live video streams have helped managers, engineers and roughnecks alike to illustrate problems, and to determine quick and responsible paths to corrective measure to quickly have the shut down minimized. A picture tells a thousand words. On many occasions, shut-downs have all together been completely averted, simply by establishing a video collaboration between parties onshore and offshore, to which colleagues could quickly conclude that issues could otherwise be handled without shutting down production!



Time is of the essence

The BARTEC PIXAVI line of mobile devices for hazardous areas  is able to deploy at a moments notice when time is critical. You get ROI in the investment as soon as you power it up, and avoid timely and costly alternatives. With the ability to operate in hazardous areas both onshore and offshore, this mobile and wireless camera is able to maneuver quickly to various parts of the oil rig or production plant. Combined with the Pixavi EX-AP-A explosive proof wi-fi, atex wi-fi, EX and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 certified intrinsically safe wi-fi access point in these hazardous areas, the mobile devices equipment can immediately begin to send High Definition (HD) quality video images live over the network to any computer, video conferencing system or media server. The video conferencing system is also able to help in cases of E-learning, surveys and safety inspections. Essentially: Maximize your resources, improve HSE and minimize travel needs.