Law Enforcement

Police, intelligence officers, law enforcement officers and security personnel are often times presented with many hazardous circumstances and situations which challenge their training and skill on a daily bases. BARTEC PIXAVI video collaboration technology can help give officers at every level an advantage, by utilizing real-time audio and IP based, live video streams during emergency situations to attain more insightful information to ensure that a proper course of action is taken. In the event of a crisis situation, officers in the field utilizing the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile telepresence app are able to report, in real-time, back to command central, so that quick and precise planning and action can be taken. Through a dedicated Wi-Fi network, the wireless video collaboration tool can bring the situation to virtually anyone, anywhere in the world. The video streams are enctypted with highly advanced algorithms like AES. With a greater visual and audio overview of the situation, officers stand a much greater chance of successfully ending a potentially tragic situation. Through both a dedicated audio and visual medium, officers can quickly communicate back to commanders that can, in turn respond with tactical recommendations, thus creating a safer, more well prepared operation.




Scenario within Law Enforcement

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams must analyze large quantities of information in order to make critical tactical determinations. Often, the large amount of information cannot be processed quickly enough to translate in proper reconnaissance information. However, with the use of live video and real time communication, SWAT officers, in conjunction with an operation center, can often be supportive in determining a proper course of action. Live, in-the-field video and audio becomes the best tool to combat the situation!

BARTEC PIXAVI can also help during training sessions. Officers allocated with any of the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices wearable video conferencing systems, can be educated on tactical methods from instructors that might otherwise be sitting in central locations somewhere else in the city, country or world. Utilizing the stabile 802.11 abgn network standards, the wireless video conferencing technology brings reconnaissance routines, anti-terror training and skillful insights to a new level. Via powerful live video stream, over IP, the BARTEC PIXAVI technology delivers secure and tactical information to the sources that can help!