Mobile Video In Shipyards

A shipyard in Korea is building a ship for a Norwegian company. The increasing complexity of shipbuilding puts high demands on communication between the vendor and the customer. In addition there are several third parties that need to be included in the process. Deadline is approaching. There are components from hundreds of suppliers that need to be installed correctly. By utilizing wireless video conferencing and advanced unified communication, the two parties are able to solve complex problems without having to travel to the site and thereby saves both time and cost. The BARTEC PIXAVI series of mobile devices allows for quick and reliable remote collaboration from the field, in order to help make solid and exact build recommendations.



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Shipping and the Yard Industry

Ship yards are increasing utilizing parts and services from various locations around the world. Actual ship construction can take place in Norway, ship design in the United Kingdom and hull manufacturing in Poland. The key to a successful building platform is to ensure that all these parties are continually updated on work progress and that eventual delays and construction circumstances are reported promptly.

Introduction of the BARTEX PIXAVI line of wireless video conferencing products, has brought about a revolution in information gathering and information allocation to this industry. If managers in Norway, require visual inspection of hull assembly in Poland, the SIPIDO mobile telepresence app running on BARTEC PIXAVI mobile equipment can quickly be engaged to walk inside and outside the hull sections in Poland, to provide a real-time, HD video conference to any and all people in the organization. By utilizing network video in this regard, all parties save travel time, and can otherwise gain useful knowledge from the comfort of their respected place of work, all without having to leave their office.

The commercial shipping industry requires precise and dedicated information to ensure that cargo and ships adhere to logistical conditions and time requirements. The ships and harbors are getting bigger and more complex, and the ship does not make any profits unless it is fully utilized at all times.The Impact X and Gravity X mobile video conferencing systems provide a stabile communication platform to provide shipping companies a method to review and check the status of loading and offloading operations and cargo registration in remote ports of the world. Featuring Wi-Fi based technology, crews are able to stream live video, while discussing specific load shipping with agents and customer alike, sometimes located continents away. The product can also be used for inspections and customs clearance.