Dependable surveillance equipment is a critical element of the total security efforts each company or organization puts forward to protect life and property. The ability to view, survey and detect an activity before a crime or intrusion is committed, saves costs towards theft and large scale property damage. BARTEC PIXAVI technology can be used for surveillance or as an add-on to an existing CCTV infrastructure. BARTEC PIXAVI can custom design our security cameras to fit many types of physical and environmental settings. BARTEC PIXAVI designs its security camera systems to comply and interact with all types and standards of company network parameters. We support ONVIF and integrate with Milestone Systems and others.




Ad Hoc Surveillance

An unexpected issue arises in the field. There is an immediate need for an experienced technician as well as a component and supplier representative to assess and resolve the issue at hand. Instead of sending people to the site, there is an alternative solution. Having a mobile telepresence camera available that is able to dial any video conferencing or streaming client. The introduction of wireless, battery operated cameras clearly poses benefits when you want to get an clear HD video conferencing stream from the field. The BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices, along with the wireless infrastructure products, provides a very credible ad hoc and temporary surveillance capability.

New solutions for hazardous areas

As a leader in developing wireless technologies and cameras for hazardous areas, BARTEC PIXAVI has many years of experience which is reflected in its line products and solutions. BARTEC PIXAVI has products are used in military organizations, the oil & gas industry, security agencies, and energy industry to name a few. The BARTEC PIXAVI wireless camera solution has been proven in many challenging circumstances, and continues to prevail as a high performance and reliable system for surveillance needs.

Rugged, corrosive resistant material and proven High Definition camera technology create a solid wireless security camera solution that is effective to combat the very toughest of environmental circumstances. By limiting the need for long and costly cabling and wiring, BARTEC PIXAVI can position a high quality security camera system to fit the needs of many different conditions. Wireless technology scales easier and is easier and more affordable to install. Maintenance and operational costs is also lower. Also, the technology has become good enough to support high frame rate, high quality imaging.