Scenario within Telemedicine

An emergency vehicle arrives at an accident, which in turn, puts high demands on the emergency paramedics. Luckily, the personnel are equipped with the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices and can thereby consult with physicians and medical experts virtually anywhere in the world. The live video and audio gives an overview of the situation and the video is sent back to the hospital in real time. The hospital is updated with the patients condition long before the patient arrives. This ensures a more prepared and better care of the patient at the hospital. Also, there are many situations where moving the patient is not possible or medically justifiable, in these situations, the expert advice should be available instantly and in high quality.


Door of the emergency ambulance car


Applications within Telemedicine

In emergencies, quick, decisive action is required to save lives. Unfortunately, some accidents do happen in very remote locations, allowing only critical first aid to victims before extrication to a medical facility sometimes hours away. With the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices medics treating wounded person have an innovative tool at their disposal to help in their efforts. By utilizing IP video, audio and data communication, the remote medical assistance groups are offered a way in which doctors, nurses and other medical personnel can be readily available to help at any time, regardless of location or time zone.

The collaboration link

With the essential video collaboration link between field and hospital established, the SIPIDO mobile telepresence app supports SIP and provides doctors at the hospital quality still images, and high quality High Definition (HD) video streaming to ascertain the nature of injuries, thus allowing them to prescribe a course of treatment to the medics in the field. Real-time, Wi-Fi capable wireless video conferencing system allows for a visual and audio window between the remote location and the medical staff far away. Ultimately, the medics in the remote location, actually become “doctors in the field” as they can quickly gain strategic treatment recommendations by using the powerful visual medium and discussion, so that the wounded patient can receive the very best treatment for their injuries before arriving at the central hospital. Quick, effective and reliable information can save lives. BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices can help bridge the gap that time and distance often brings to critical situations