ATEX Cameras onboard TORM vessels

Case Study: TORM

TORM is a world-leading pure-play product tanker company and operates a fleet of approximately 80 vessels. TORM is primarily involved in the transportation of refined oil products from the refineries to the end user. TORM transports different types of refined products as for instance transportation fuels like gasoline, diesel or jet fuel, but also naphtha used in the petrochemical industry or fuel additives like MTBE.

As the cargoes carried on board TORM’s vessels are considered flammable and in exposed areas can create hazardous situations, the Company requires Zone 1 IECEx and ATEX devices to be used in these areas. 

When TORM needed new Intrinsically Safe Zone 1 cameras on-board their fleet of vessels, they looked for the Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera. TORM wanted a camera which was easy to use and provided good picture quality even in low light conditions. TORM operates its vessels 24/7 365 days a year and therefore need reliable work tools. Frequent surveys, inspections and repairs needs to be documented. The key factors which TORM considered when choosing BARTEC PIXAVI as supplier were:

  • Camera quality (especially low light conditions)
  • Build quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Price
  • Support



All images courtesy of TORM.