Business Idea

The Pixavi Business Idea

Video conferencing is gaining traction as an important collaboration tool for many knowledge-intensive companies. With video conferencing, businesses save time, money and effort. Video conferencing offers instant problem solving and decision-making. In 1999, Pixavi introduced a new way of utilizing video conferencing technology, extending the technology out beyond the meeting rooms.

Pixavi technology take these benefits further, with our unique, wireless and mobile package, Pixavi customers can collaborate instantly and efficiently from the field.



 High Definition, Wireless, Mobile, EX certified and Rugged


Product Idea

Pixavi products are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications and industries. All our products are HD, easy to use, wireless, mobile, EX certified and rugged. Fined more information about our mobile devices here.

Our technology enables users to share information with anyone, anywhere. High quality video, audio and still images are transferred in real time and HD. The participants can also interact through image and application sharing. Pixavi products are interoperable with existing solutions.

In addition to our video conferencing offering, we also provide the necessary network infrastructure for hazardous areas. We have over a decade of experience with ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2 Wi-Fi access points and antennas. More information here.

Wireless Infrastructure

The wireless infrastructure and client solutions are essential parts of a wireless video collaboration system.

Pixavi has developed software and infrastructure products that complement our video conferencing products in order to provide the customers with a turn key solution that has been concept proven with the following criteria:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Interoperability


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Customer benefits

The rich communication features described above, enable the customers to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Pixavi products also ensures safety and better HSE. Experts and technicians can serve more locations simultaneously, without the need to travel. In sum, the customer can benefit from the following:


  • Less travel
  • Better decisions
  • More efficient operation
  • Better resource utilization
  • Increased HSE
  • Increased Safety

Usage Scenarios

In a globalized world, business and industry is becoming increasingly specialized and complex. Most businesses rely on trained experts, with individual areas of responsibility to support their business, regardless of their industry. Pixavi offers the means to efficiently utilize knowledge throughout the organization. This level of advanced communication results in a more fluid operation, allowing experts to maintain a wider and more refined perspective and helping to keep the equipment running. There are several industrial areas that have described a need for such communication:

  • Surveys
  • Design phase
  • Testing and certification
  • Manufacturing
  • Training
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation


Audio communication is, in many cases, not enough to do the job properly. The expert often has to inspect visually at a particular site, and will thus need to travel far and waste valuable time.

By using Pixavi technology, an expert can be located anywhere and be able to perform his or her tasks immediately.