Health and Safety

We take pride in great quality

Quality policy

Pixavi’s quality policy is based on quality assurance as a part of the entire organization. Quality, reliability, on time delivery and excellent service are to be our greatest asset and competitive advantage.

This applies to the entire organization both in terms of products, people and our way of doing business. Our customers shall always feel confident that our products and services cover their needs and meet or preferably exceed their expectations.

This policy can only be achieved through targeted and systematic quality management. Our business processes and quality systems reflects our products. We demand high quality as well as high expectations.




Pixavi is Achilles certified

Achilles qualifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers in order to help buyers from the world’s largest corporations to develop long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with reliable, qualified suppliers across the globe.

Achilles helps companies to significantly reduce risks, costs and time spent on procurement activities, through our flexible range of supplier qualification and management solutions.

Quality, health and safety

Quality, health and safety is very important for Pixavi. Our certificates demands that we focus on quality and safety in our products as well as our operation. Both internal and external factors must be in focus when applying quality and safety. Main factors:

  • Government regulations and standards (external)
  • Customer and partner policies (external)
  • Company policy (internal)
  • Managing and avoiding risk (internal and external)


Our goals are

We strive for excellence and the quality assurance work is a continuous process. Pixavi have a set of simple, measurable goals that we use to guide our safety and quality work. These goals are:

  • Put our customers needs in focus
  • Be available for our customers
  • Deliver as agreed on time at cost and quality
  • Increase our customer’s competitiveness
  • Build relationships with our partners
  • Use certified subcontractors


HSE policy

Our products are safe for its environment. We apply the same philosophy to our business practice. Our HSE policy is zero harm. We encourage this zero incident mindset to all employees, contractors and partners.

HSE goals

We shall prevent all accidents and maintain a safe and healthy working environment, focus on security and meaningful work for all employees. Our operation shall create minimum impact on the environment.

HSE strategy

We apply a systematic approach to our HSE work and focus on continuos improvement of our HSE management system. We put equal focus and attention to our HSE work, as we do other business areas as production, quality assurance and financials. All employees are held accountable for performing their daily activities in a manner consistent with our HSE policy and goals. Employees are also encouraged to suggest HSE improvements. All employees receive HSE training and we review our HSE policy quarterly. We require our sub contractors to manage their HSE work in line with our policy.