Our Heritage


Pixavi pioneered wireless video conferencing back in 1999. At that time, Pixavi was named Visiwear, and focused on wearable computing. Building on the tradition of the ST1000 (year 2000), EX 2000 (year 2001), CP 3000 (year 2002), and the 3100 series (year 2003), the 3500, 4000 and 5000 series builds on a long tradition of highly innovative award winning products.


Pixavi is a pioneer within wireless video communication


Stabile growth

Since inception, Pixavi have experienced steady and organic growth. Pixavi is privately owned with the main owners being CEO, Christian Rokseth, Sales and Marketing Director Thomas Zaubi, CFO Inger Lise Lindland and Software Director Nils Erik Dahlen.

Technology for the environment

Pixavi makes green technology. Our products help businesses and people travel less and use their resources more efficiently. We have a strong belief that green technology is one of the most promising business arenas in the future.

Research and Development

Reinvesting all of our profit in R&D, we have created an advanced technology platform of both software and hardware technologies. We have built a team of experienced sofware and hardware engineers. Our products are based on state of the art standards and technologies that ensures high performance and interoperability. Innovation has always been the major drive in Pixavi. We are constantly developing new products and improving our technology. The rapid development within the telecommunication business puts high demands in the investment of R&D. Pixavi is an R&D focused company, with more than 70 % of our staff directly involved in R&D.



Keeping the customer close

We strongly believe in having close relationships with our customers. Customer satisfaction is very important for us. We want to ensure that we make products that is easy to use, install and maintain. Every product and feature we create has been developed in cooperation with one, or many of our customers or partners. For example, the Xcaster 5000 atex camera series was developed and funded by ConocoPhillips, Statoil and BP. We warmly welcome feedback and input from our customers, and try to incorporate the feedback in our products. We also employ several industrial design engineers to make sure that our products and services are both easy to use and beautiful to look at. Our ultimate goal is to exceed our customers expectations.