Backend + App Developer

Backend + App Developer

Want to be part of an awesome journey making the next generation of Norway’s only smartphone?

BARTEC PIXAVI is searching for a backend developer with Android app development experience.

Our product

BARTEC PIXAVI is Norway’s only smartphone manufacturer. We’ve created an explosion proof (intrinsically safe) Android smartphone, a smart camera, and a wearable helmet camera for oil & gas, mining, shipping, and chemical processing plants. Our products and solutions prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and dust could occur and keep humans safe and protect the environment. The devices are manufactured in Norway, and 90% of the devices are exported. We’re working on creating the next generation of our products, and we need your help!


We have a distributed team of excellent hardware, low-level software and mechanical engineers located in four countries. Communication is done via Slack, and a short status video conference on Mondays and Fridays. Team members have the freedom of choosing their own tasks, and where to work. You manage the day yourself, and we of course have flexible working hours.

Our Oslo office has team dinners, a huge rooftop terrace and friday beers. We fly in team members from our other offices for social gatherings, team dinners, hardware bringup, and system stress testing.

Your job

For the next generation of our product there are two areas with significant focus: Find bugs/issues faster, and reduce manufacturing cost.

For the first part we’re initiating a greenfield (web) project to analyse telemetry data and bug reports that we receive from devices, and customers reporting issues. This project needs to handle structured and unstructured data. We have several terabytes of telemetry data/logs, and bug reports from devices, which we currently analyse manually using a series of shell scripts and a tool Google has built. There’s a huge room for improvement, and you’ll have a lot of responsibility to design an architecture that is capable of processing these logs, and display the information in a useful way to software and hardware engineers in BARTEC PIXAVI.

In order to reduce manufacturing cost, we need to automate even more of our hardware testing procedures, which all manufactured devices go through. See here for a video of the current manufacturing and testing process:

The device testing application currently has several manual steps that we need to automate, either through smart software solutions, or a combination of software and hardware testing jigs. Ideally, the complete testing procedure should be fully automated (e.g. remote controlling a robotic arm that tests touch, or compare camera pictures to the expected result using computer vision). You’ll be responsible for improving this application with computer vision and other measures to automate the tests, and write software that controls jigs (which our hardware and mechanical engineers build).

Programming language wise we would prefer these tasks to be solved in Java/Kotlin (for the backend, and Android apps) and TypeScript (for the web frontend part), but we’re open to suggestions. E.g. if you want to use Python for parts of the analytics processing then we don’t mind.


We currently have a set of web applications written in Java (Spring Boot), running in Docker on Kubernetes, using PostgreSQL as database, and Amazon S3 for storage. These applications receive telemetry data & bug reports, distribute over-the-air software updates, distribute software to our manufacturer & log manufacturing test results.


You’re self-driven and motivated by challenges. You value teamwork and good communication, and have excellent English written and oral skills. You have experience building frontend and backend solutions from scratch, and ideally some experience with statistical analysis (though if you don’t it’s ok, you can always ask your colleague with a PhD in Mathematics).


Contact us at for more information, or an informal chat.