Smartphones & Tablets

Today, there are more smartphones than featurephones. You use your smartphone every day for an increasing number of tasks. The growing supply of new apps and features is likely to open up for even more usage scenarios. Imagining life without your smartphone is difficult, and the development of new products and services is rapid. Todays smartphone will be obsolete in less than three years. This is also true for EX and ATEX smartphones and tablets, where Pixavi is trying to keep up with the consumer world by introducing new products and by using the same technology and manufacturing processes as the large international players.


Like the smartphone, the tablet computer has opened up for a new way of absorbing media, reading email and browsing. The tablet is easy to use, portable and relatively affordable. As a result, in 2013, tablet and smartphone shipments exceeded PC shipments globally. There is also a very growing segment of “Phablets” or large screen smart phones that can also be used as a tablet. The success of products like the Galaxy Note proves this.





Arguably, the first smartphone was launched in the market in the 1990s. IBM, Nokia and HP all had cellular telephones with additional functionality such as calendar, calculator, email, fax and gaming. In the 2000s you got phones with Wi-Fi, touch screens and cameras.

Today, more than 70 % off all new smartphone shipments are Android devices. Android has become a very popular operating system for both consumer and enterprise markets. The benefits are clear, the operating system has attracted a wide developer network and there are many manufacturers with a wide range of models to offer. In addition, the operating system is high quality, easy to use and easy to update.

Future developments

At Pixavi, we believe that we have only seen the beginning of the smartphone. In a few years, your smartphone will have more processing power and functionality than your computer has today. You will use it for tasks we did not even imagine.

However, there are also security concerns. When you have your phone with you all the time, it is likely to get stolen and you might loose it. Since your phone contains valuable and sensitive information, you need a secure system to manage it, even when you do not have it with you physically. Therefore, we have developed a cloud based Mobile Device Management system called HostedMobiles. With this system, you can easily and securely update, find and even swipe your phone when needed. More information here.

Cloud computing concept.