The Pixavi Team

Meet the BARTEC PIXAVI Team!


Christian Rokseth

Christian Rokseth Christian is founder and CEO of Pixavi. He holds a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stavanger and a Bachelor with Honours from NTNU.

Inger Lise Lindland

Inger Lise Lindland Inger Lise is in charge of financial risk, planning and reporting. She holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Thomas Zaubi

Thomas Zaubi Thomas is responsible for keeping our customers happy at all times. He has an MBA from Richmond College in London.

Nils Erik Dahlen

Software Director
Nils Erik Dahlen Nils is in charge of the growing software department. He holds a PhD in physics from Lund University and an M.Sc. from NTNU.

Tobias Rokseth

Support Director
Tobias Rokseth Tobias is in charge of the support team and makes sure that our logistics run smoothly. He holds a Bachelor with Honours from Trondheim University Collage.

Øystein Bakke

Business Development Manager
Øystein Bakke Øystein is in charge of business development, marketing and sales. He holds an M.Sc. in Technology Management from NTNU.

Arne-Christian Blystad

Software Engineer
Arne-Christian Blystad Arne Christian is responsible for Android OS development. He holds a bachelors in Games Programming from NITH.

Søren Steen Christensen

Hardware and Software Engineer
Søren Steen Christensen Søren has an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the excellent University of Aalborg. He also has 10 years of experience from companies like TI and Siemens.

Kunal Singh

Software Engineer
Kunal Singh Kunal is ensuring that all our devices offer state of the art camera and vision capabilities.

Daniel Jarai

Software Engineer
Daniel Jarai Daniel is responsible for Android platform engineering. He holds a bachelor's in Computer Engineering from SZTE.