Customer Testimonials

BARTEC PIXAVI Customer Testimonials

Head of Automation, Norway

“We are focusing on quality in our work. Primarily focus is for notifications such as reporting of errors and defects when we are doing our day to day inspection and maintenance tasks. Not all disciplines have the technical insight needed for performing a repair. With our new Impact X devices, with excellent battery time and camera, we use them to upload images and video and attach to each case in our service and maintenance system. This makes it easier for the engineers reviewing a notification and for ordering repairs and spare parts. This saves us a lot of time. In the past, we used several hours to asses an issue, now we can get a good picture of the issue by looking at the videos and images which has been uploaded directly from the field. When we have images and video there is little doubt of what needs to be done. Having images and videos available reduces the margin of error and we do not have to interpret each operators personal assessment of a case”

IMG_4908 - Version 2

“this saves us a lot of time”



“Its compact size was ideal, image quality excellent”

Lead Instrument & Electrical Designer, Australia

“During a recent site survey on a platform in the Sea of Okhotsk, off the north eastern shores of Russia, we relied heavily on photographic imaging to capture survey details to bring back to our Melbourne office.

We utilised the Pixavi Gravity X intrinsically safe camera for our photography. Its compact size was ideal, image quality excellent and there was no noticeable loss of battery life even though we were operating in extreme cold with high wind chill factors.

I would highly recommend this camera for use in extreme and hazardous locations.”

Senior Coordinator, Australia

“Our inventory control system relies primarily on barcodes, attached to object tags and locations (such as containers and shelving) in order to easily scan items and update their locations in the database when they are physically moved. We have sourced the Gravity X device because it meets a number of our requirements that many of the Windows Mobile intrinsically safe devices did not: It is small and easy to carry, runs the Android OS which offers a much more user friendly experience, and, as well as inventory tracking it’s camera can be used to take images of objects in the wet collection area from inside the Store where normal cameras can’t be taken. In the absence of an IECEx compliant Android device that does have a dedicated barcode scanning laser, the Gravity X is suitable as it’s high resolution camera with good auto focus capabilities enable us to scan barcodes without much delay.”




“offers a much more user friendly experience”






“very good and clear video image”

Video Conferencing Specialist, United Kingdom

“We tested the Gravity-X in a 3-way call with RGP500 and LifeSize ICON 600 room VC system. With RPM, the Gravity-X gave very good clear video image using back camera. You could easily and clearly read text from a business card or other close-up objects. In this mode of operating, you view the local object and see what video you were sending to the far end. The back-camera worked well for distant objects you can easily toggle to the front camera.

In summary, the Gravity-X worked well with Polycom RealPresence Mobile and Vidyo Mobile. We can make VC call to/from the Gravity-X and other VC endpoints including the latest Polycom RealPresence Group series and Lifesize ICON 600 room systems.

Please let me know when we can start using the Orbit-X! “

HSE Specialist, France

“We are very satisfied, the Gravity X device allows us to add pictures in our investigations and reports. The resolution is good, specially when one need to zoom inside of our equipement. Transfering pictures to a PC is quick and easy to do. Its storage capacity is sufficient for our use. Since it is an ATEX device, we can shoot pictures “freely” closer to our installations. Previously we must be accompanied by a security agent or had to carry an explosimeter (Gas Detector).”


“We are very satisfied”




“Initial setup has been very straight forward”

Construction Co-ordinator, UK

“I’m using the collaboration X platform to manage 6 cameras which will be located on the platforms (…), they will be used to document the construction activities on projects across all the assets we have. Initial set up has been very straight forward, the use of a QR code simplifies the process.”

Senior Offshore Inspector - Norway

We ordered the first Gravity X in July 2015 and after that many other disciplines onboard also purchased these. We are very satisfied with the camera, it is a brand new work day for us who work with inspection and who take many pictures every day. We have also starting using the Orbit X mounted on a telescopic pole. We connect the Orbit X to the Gravity X and use the pole and camera to inspect “unreachable” equipment. This works very well and it is helping us a lot!

orbit x in use front copy

“brand new work day for us who work with inspection and who take many pictures every day”


strap mounted to gravity x

“It sure save me a lot of time. Thanks again for your help”

Inspection Services - United States

We bought one and will buy a second one in a little bit. I just took it out today and it works great. It adjusts for how much light is needed and is very clear and focused even when it is not being held too steady. Many of the shots I have to take are in poorly lit areas or some places where scaffolding is required. I can get the shots in poorly lit areas and usually without scaffolding. I take pictures everyday and before I had to take the shot download the pictures to see how they came out and then retake shots that did not come out. With this camera I know right away if I need to retake the shot. It sure save me a lot of time. Thanks again for your help.

Jonathan Hill from Alpine Components - UK

We’ve been distributing some of BARTEC PIXAVI’s products in the UK for almost 18 months now, and I’ve been incredibly impressed by the design and engineering of their cameras and smartphones, as well as the company’s friendly and helpful support and advice. We haven’t seen anything else on the market that comes close in terms of features and performance, but it’s actually the build quality that always catches my eye – it’s extremely robust and reliable but remains lightweight, small, easy to carry and comfortable to hold.

The software on the Gravity X in particular also seems to be very well optimized. The Android operating system is fast and responsive, applications open quickly, there’s plenty of storage space left over for the customer to save videos and photos, and battery life is superb (we got over 10 hours of screen on time at full brightness in our testing).

It’s refreshing to come across a manufacturer that puts the design and capabilities first. The Gravity X, Impact X and Orbit X are built with supreme care and attention to detail and it really shows.



“we love the product!”


Mats Andersson, Lefdal Mine Datacenter

Mats Andersson, Lefdal Mine Datacenter

Mats Andersson, Marketing Director at Lefdal Mine says; “We realize that our location is great for a green data centre, but far away from many customers. Therefore, we have borrowed technology from the offshore sector. People can sit all over the world from their laptop and call in to our helmet cameras on our engineers on the ground, this is a way to bring the datacenter to our customers”

These customer testimonials are borrowed from BARTEC PIXAVI end users. We also have a reference list of some of our customers here.