Accessories for hazardous areas
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Accessories for hazardous areas

These accessories improves the usability and safety of BARTEC PIXAVI devices

Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
November 21, 2016

We offer a wide range of accessories for our mobile devices. The accessories are used for increased flexibility, safety and usability. The complete list can be found here. Check out how each accessory is used following this guide!


Protective Cover for Impact X and Gravity X

Silicone casing and cover for Impact X and Gravity X for increased protection. The new silicone cover protects both the back, the corners and parts of the screen. It is engineered to fit in your hand and provide excellent additional protection. Available in both black and orange. The best insurance for keeping your device free from damages! Product code: BPX-AC-PROTECTIVE-COVER-BLACK and BPX-AC-PROTECTIVE-COVER-ORANGE

Screen protector for Impact X and Gravity X

The Impact X and Gravity X screen is extremely ruggedized. The aluminum chassis, combined with 2 mm thick Gorilla glass makes it extremely strong. By comparison, an Iphone has just 0,3 mm glass! We wanted to make it even stronger and we have therefore introduced a screen protector which offers even more protection for the device. It adds an extra layer of tempered glass which does not affect the touch screen. Combined with the protective cover it gives you the most ruggedized device ever! The protector features: Oleophobic coating, 9H Hardness Glass, Shatter proof, Perfect Adhesion, Complete Transparency, Responsive Touch. Product code: BPX-AC-SCREEN-PROTECT




Protective Bundle

The ultimate protection kit for your BARTEC PIXAVI device. With this kit, your BARTEC PIXAVI device will be almost indestructible! The bundle is a combination of BPX-AC-PROTECTIVE-COVER, BPX-AC-SCREEN-PROTECT and BPX-AC-STRAP. Product codes depending on the cover color and if the strap is included or not: 


Sensear Bluetooth EX headset

We recommend the BTN (behind the neck) version which can be used with any helmet. The headset have bluetooth and noise canceling. Connect to BARTEC PIXAVI mobile device in the bluetooth menu or using the Orbit X app.

orbit x in use front copy


Wrist Cradle

The wrist cradle has room for an Impact X or a Gravity X. The screen should be facing the user and the buttons and connectors should be facing the top of the arm as you can see on the picture above.

Dropped Object Safety Strap

Use the strap mount on the bottom of the Impact X / Gravity X / Orbit X using the thin (but extremely powerful) cord in a loop. Attached the wrist band around the hand using the metal clip. The dropped object safety mount should also be used with the cradle. The cradle has a mount on the side for the metal clip.

strap mounted to gravity x


Orbit X Helmet and Wall Mounts

The helmet mount (curved) and wall mount (flat) have double sided tape which allows it to be fastened to any surface. The glue is durable and rugged and capable of carrying the 105 gram heavy Orbit X in any condition. The joints are flexible allowing the user to position the camera exactly where they want it. The mount slides into place allowing you to easily change relocate the Orbit X from a wall to a helmet mount. The Orbit X cradle has two tripod mounts, one for horizontal positioning and one for helmet positioning.

Tripod mount

Impact X and GravityX can be used for a tripod by using the BPX-AC-TRMOUNT accessory. Securely fasten the mount on the device by using the screw mechanism. Use the dropped object safety strap as for additional security.  This accessory can also attach to the Telescopic pole BPX-AC-TELEPOLE. 



Telescopic Pole

The telescopic pole (BPX-AC-TELEPOLE) extends up to 3 meters and is the ideal inspection companion for Orbit X. Instead of doing rope access, or building scaffolding, it is the ideal tool to access those hard to reach areas. With the Orbit X cradle attached to the telescopic pole, and streaming to the Gravity X or Impact X using the Orbit X app, you have a complete solution for inspection in hazardous areas. You can also use the Telescopic pole together with Impact X or Gravity X if you use the BPX-AC-TRMOUNT accessory.