Continuous Improvement
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Continuous Improvement

At BARTEC PIXAVI we are doing continuous improvement of our mobile devices, Wi-Fi infrastructure, software and accessories long after the products are introduced to the market. Our philosophy is to regularly update and make improvements, based on customer feedback.

Tobias Rokseth
September 02, 2016

Since we introduced the current generation of mobile devices, we have released improvements on both software, hardware and accessories. Also, the products has been easier to buy, and the lead time has been reduced. Our philosophy is that we introduce a product to the market, the development is not done. In fact, we have more engineering resources working on our improving our devices now, than ever before. In total, we have had more than 30 software releases as well as improved mechanical parts of the devices themselves. This means that the devices shipping from our factory today, are a lot better than the ones which shipped only one year ago. This is what we call “Future Proof” technology. For these reasons, we are confident that paying a little extra for quality is worth it when you consider total cost of ownership.

Software Improvements

Software improvements and update availability was a very important criteria when we designed the devices in cooperation with Shell. The background was that Shell, and other O&G operators, have had their devices become redundant due to the lack of software support for them. One example is when Microsoft dropped support for Windows Mobile. They therefore wanted a supplier which could guarantee that software and security updates were available in minimum 5 years from purchase. This is a promise we have kept ever since.


Software updates is very important for security, but it also offers new functionality, better battery capacity and increased user friendliness.


Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone



Hardware improvements

We have also updated the hardware and accessories for our mobile devices for hazardous areas. We have made the materials more ruggedized by improving coating and improved plastic materials. We have improved the frame that keeps the screen in place, as well as the top cover and safety mount. The PCB has been updated and optimized two times, yielding better battery capacity and improved RF signal strength while keeping the intrinsically safe certification. We have also offered new accessories, some which are custom made for the devices. Read more about accessories for hazardous areas. As a BARTEC PIXAVI customer, you can be sure to know that your product and software updates for it will be available for many years to come.