Future Proof
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Future Proof

Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
January 22, 2015

BARTEC PIXAVI products are future proof. Our software and hardware is designed to meet tomorrows demands. We are continuously improving on our products to ensure that the security and user experience is top notch. We are also keeping track of future developments in technology and industry to be able to foresee what is ahead. We are listening to our customers to hear what they think will be the next trend. This philosophy runs deep in our everyday. Firstly, we have chosen an operating system that will be leading for many years. Secondly, we have made adaptations to be able to provide state of the art security now and in the future. One example is that we added Wi-Fi security to match enterprise demands. Another example is that we have encrypted video communication, and created the hostedmobiles.com mobile device management system, ensuring that you have control over all devices in the network. This ensures easy, safe and reliable operation of your BARTEC PIXAVI product for many years. 

Android operating system is at the heart of BARTEC PIXAVIs future proof philosophy. Android is not only the leading mobile system with the most apps available, but it is also safe, secure and stable. Having a modern operating system should be the top priority of all mobile users. The reason is simple, with the latest, proven and tested operating system, such as Android, you get access to the latest security measures such as encryption and authentication. There is a large community of developers working on updates as well as a core team of developers adding new functionality. BARTEC PIXAVI is updating software regularly, and since we have control over the software running on our device, we will update devices when neccessary. Using an older unmaintained operating system, is a serious security risk, choosing Android instead makes your mobile devices future proof.



BARTEC PIXAVI products are designed and manufactured in Norway. We have full control over the entire process, which means that we are able to monitor quality all the way from our suppliers through the entire production process including software. This approach is unique in the Ex market, and we are confident it is the best way moving forward. Relying on 3rd party OEM devices is risky. Also, this philosophy enables us to quickly iterate and innovate, since each update is relatively incremental. This allows us to bring new features and functionality to the customers relatively easy. With this competence in-house, we are also able to do customizations on both software and hardware for our customers. By offering more software features and updates, also after the device is in use, will be increasingly important in the future. Another benefit of this unique approach is that it lead the Impact X  and the Gravity X to become the first Ex certified products ever to receive a design award.