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Suesmax video

When Frontline needed IECEx and ATEX cameras for taking images and videos onboard their Suesmax tanker ships, they wanted for the best camera available. They chose the Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera

Tobias Rokseth
February 12, 2016

The Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera was recently used for shooting images and video in the hazardous areas onboard Frontline’s Suezmax and VLCC tankers. The reason for choosing the Gravity X was simple. Frontline wanted a flexible and powerful tool for taking images in any location onboard the vessel. With its powerful battery, LED lights and operating systems it can be used for a variety of tasks onboard the vessel. No need for permits or gas detectors! The Gravity X is a revolution for hazardous areas, introducing a wide range of brand new, smart features and never-before-seen image quality. It allows the user to record images in full HD, 1080p 30 fps for many hours. The easy to use user interface and compact form factor made the video shoot a success. The time lapse functionality of the Gravity X has also been cleverly used. Watch the resulting video below. NB! Enable full 1080p video in your browser to see the highest quality video ever taken in hazardous areas onboard a tanker vessel!