Taking images inside dark fuel tanks
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Taking images inside dark fuel tanks

Taking images in dark areas for example inside fuel tanks of tanker vessels or similar has been a challenge to date. With the Gravity X intrinsically safe camera you can now do to this job with ease! In order to take good images, you need to use the advanced settings of the Gravity X camera app, or use a 3rd party app. We also recommend using a tripod combined with long shutter time combined with the powerful LED Flash.

Tobias Rokseth
June 22, 2017

Taking images in the dark has never been easier. The BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices have image sensors specifically designed for taking images in dark areas. Here is our top tips when taking images in dark areas

  1. Enable flash /LED
  2. Set focus by tapping on screen
  3. Use a tripod or similar for keeping the camera steady
  4. Over expose (long shutter time, leave camera steady while image is taken) if necessary



High intensity flash as some are used to on their DSLRs are using a very high voltage capacitor to quickly release energy to the flash. This is absolutely forbidden in explosive hazardous area, and one would not get it certified. Therefore, since you can’t use high intensity flash in these areas due to the hazardous rating (high voltage flash not possible) combined with the possibility to trigger optical alarms, we had to find another solution. Therefore, we designed to have two powerful LED lights instead. This LED technology has recently become popular as the standard for flash and illumination.

The Gravity X is by far the best camera for used in tank inspections. We have our devices being used by Torm, Maersk, Stolt, Hoegh and many others for this exact task.