Who are using the Wireless X, and why?
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Who are using the Wireless X, and why?

Launched late 2018, the BARTEC PIXAVI Wireless X is a revolutionary new WiFi product, offering unprecedented coverage, size and weight advantages compared to legacy EX-d enclosures.

Tobias Rokseth
February 04, 2020

The Wireless X is used in many industries and locations all over the world, enabled by having both IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification, as well as several local certifications including INMETRO for Brazil. Today, thousands of devices have shipped and are installed in both plants, rigs, vessels and processing facilities, offshore and onshore. The aluminum version of Wireless X is deployed at some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies plants all over the world, as well as onboard offshore rigs and installations in the Mexican Gulf, the North Sea, and Africa. The latest iteration, a stainless steel version, will soon be deployed in the North Sea.

We consider the Wireless X to be almost maintenance free.

– Senior Telecom Advisor at a leading Oil & Gas company

Why are these customers using it?

There are many reasons why our customers have chosen the Wireless X. In some use cases, its light weight and small size opened up for new mounting possibilities in industrial areas where traditional enclosures would take up too much space, or would be too difficult to install and maintain due to their bulky design and heavy weight. The Wireless X can be installed almost anywhere due to its low weight and size, and innovative mounting options.

Other customers chose Wireless X due to considering it more or less maintenance-free. No external antennas means fewer cable glands, and less equipment that is otherwise prone to damage and wear & tear. With a cemented joint protection method, the device inside is completely protected, and inspection and maintenance is kept at a minimum.


The cover doesn’t create any major impairments to the RF, largest SNR impact is mostly observed in the 2.4Ghz band, actually benefiting 2.4Ghz when compared to no cover


– Jerrod Howard, Distinguished Technologist at Aruba Networks

The above quote is from a test performed by Aruba Networks. In layman terms, it describes that the dome on the Wireless X does not negatively affect the wireless signals transmitted by the device (e.g. WiFi Access Point) inside it. The report from which the quote is taken can be downloaded here.

The RF transparent dome means that a standard Enterprise grade WiFi Access Point, or other wireless devices, can be deployed and used in the same manner as in normal non-hazardous environments. After having to rely on wireless devices specifically designed for hazardous areas, or requiring the use of external antennas, many customers highly value the possibility that Wireless X enables: using the same hardware, e.g. Cisco or Aruba, in hazardous areas as they do throughout the rest of their organizations.

While Wireless X has several other advantages, the majority of our customers chose Wireless X for the above reasons, or more likely a combination of all of the above.


For more information, contact BARTEC PIXAVI, or read more about the product.