Award for Design Excellence
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Award for Design Excellence

April 02, 2014


BARTEC PIXAVI have won the “Award for Design Excellence” prize awarded by the Norwegian Design Council for 2014. BARTEC PIXAVI wins this prestigious award in cooperation with Norway’s leading design agency, EGGS Design. BARTEC PIXAVI is world leading within technological development of electronics for hazardous areas, while EGGS Design has complemented with excellent design, engineering and usability. With this award, BARTEC PIXAVI and EGGS Design have shown ability to break new ground within both technological development and industrial design, as well as creating good quality products and user experiences. BARTEC PIXAVI have been working with EGGS Design since 2005. EGGS Design has been involved in the whole development cycle, from concept development, industrial design, design for manufacture and all the way to the finished, industrialized product. BARTEC PIXAVI joins the list of previous winners including Cisco (Tandberg), HÅG, Hydrolift, Schat-Harding, Kongsberg Maritime, Laerdal Medical, Projectiondesign and Photocure to mention a few.







Every year, The Norwegian Design Council acknowledges the very best of innovative solutions, developed by companies and designers, through the annual Award for Design Excellence. The leading award for design in Norway is given to both manufacturers and designers who have cooperated on the development of new innovative products and services. The award is granted in recognition of the successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication. BARTEC PIXAVI is the proud winner of this years award for design excellence. The award ceremony was held in Oslo on April 2nd 2014. BARTEC PIXAVI was awarded for the ruggedized smartphone, the Impact X, and miniature video conferencing helmet camera, the Orbit X. BARTEC PIXAVI participated in the “Industrial Design” category.

The jury verdict is as follows (translated from norwegian): “The jury is impressed with the thorough design work behind these products, where the end users has been involved from the beginning” (…) “The products design show high quality, and the jury is proud that a small norwegian company has created an advanced Android smartphone from scratch. This (Impact X and Orbit X) is design that leads to safer, easier and more effective work routines for the end user.” Needless to say, BARTEC PIXAVI is a very proud recipient of this award. BARTEC PIXAVI will continue to bring innovative products to the market and we are hoping for more awards in the future. Read more about the awards on the Norwegian Design Councils webpage here, or contact BARTEC PIXAVI directly.

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