New and improved camera for hazardous areas
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New and improved camera for hazardous areas

November 29, 2017

With the recently updated camera on the suite of BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices, you can expect significantly improved performance in “low light” as well as “partially sunny” light conditions. We have upgraded our entire product range with a new and advanced backside illumination sensor technology to vastly improve low light performance. This is the same technology used in high end industrial sensors, security cameras, microscope cameras and astronomy camera systems. Compared with legacy systems, it is with the latest version 90 % likely that a light photon is recorded, compared with less than 60 % chance for legacy devices. The new camera has a Rolling Shutter combined with Improved OmniBSI-2™ technology. Additionally, the new camera uses less power, and has a 19,5% wider viewing angle compared with the previous model. All new devices shipped after September 1st 2017 have the latest and greatest technology included. The comparison below was taken under just 10 LUX of light, which mimics lighting conditions at twilight, which is less light than most use cases. NB! The image is more grainy since the low light mode is engaged, you can use the slider for comparison.

New Camera Old Camera
FOV Horizontal 61.6 51.44
FOV Vertical 46.2 38.58
Auto Focus 7 cm to infinity 10 cm to infinity
Technology Improved OmniBSI2 OmniBSI2
Power Consumption 196 mW 291 mW