Wireless X now shipping!
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Wireless X now shipping!

August 09, 2018

Our highly anticipated new product Wireless X is now shipping! The first of its kind, Wireless X brings the latest Wi-Fi technology to hazardous areas without the need for bulky enclosures and external antennas.

The combination of smart design, developed in cooperation with some of our key customers, allows for cost reduction when it comes to installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance. The low weight and size means reduced time spent on designing and installing the access points. Some customers expect that they can reduce the inspection cost and time by at least 50 %. Customers can choose to send access points to us free-issue or we can provide a complete solution, ready for deployment in Zone 1. The device is manufactured in Norway.

Click here for more information about the product, or contact us here for more information and/or a quote.