The Orbit X is a brand new innovation with some unique features, never before seen in the market. Since it does not fit into a product category, there are often some faq’s which is relevant to this product, read them below. If you have any further questions, contact us!

What is the technical specifications of the Orbit X? 

Full details and description about the Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi camera.

What does the LED’s mean?

Since the Orbit X does not have a screen or keyboard, it uses LEDs to give feedback to the user. Learn about the status LEDs in the quick guide which you can download here!

What is Collaboration X?

Collaboration X is an online configuration tool which allows you to remotely manage the Orbit X. Create a free account at www.collaboration-x.net to get started!

How can I connect the device to Wi-Fi?

There are several ways to get the Orbit X online

  1. Follow this guide: https://www.pixavi.com/connect-orbit-x-wi-fi/ (NB! you need a network without browser based login, just password and SSID)
  2. Using Collaboration-x.net account and using the “initial setup” tab. https://cx.pixavi.com/ui/device/assign/orbitx (NB! using this method requires you to create a wifi policy first)
  3. Using the Orbit X app from Android Play store (required latest software on OX and a Smartphone with Android 4.4. or newer

Where can I find my serial number?

It is printed on the back side of the Orbit X device, in the format: PXRBEX…..

Where can i find the software version on the device?

  1. Using the Orbit X app
  2. Status page of Collaboration X

What connectivity does Orbit X support?

Orbit X support dual band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 4.0

Can I install custom apps on Orbit X?

Yes, but it requires that you have a custom app and knowledge of Android development. Contact us for more information.

Where can I find support material? 

Orbit X support page available here.

How can I update the software on the Orbit X?

More info here.

What does the buttons and ports mean?

More info here.

What is in the box when I buy an Orbit X?

More info here.

Where can I buy Orbit X?

The Orbit X is available worldwide, leave your contact details here to be contacted by a local representative.

How to set up an RTSP stream?

PS: You need both Orbit X app (latest version) and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop installed on the Orbit X to get an RTSP stream working.

  1. Start the Orbit X app
  2. Pair the devices
  3. Click on the “Orbit X Settings” in the menu,
  4. Under “Orbit X Settings” menu, check “Always on RTSP server”
  5. Take a note of the Orbit X IP address
  6. Go back
  7. Terminate the Orbit X app (app switcher, slide the app away)
  8. Connect to rtsp://orbitxip:1554 (e.g. in VLC) on a device (computer, laptop,tablet or smartphone) connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  9. Stream will start

If the network supports multicast DNS, then one can also connect to rtsp://Orbit-X-PXRBEX15xxxx.local:1554/ (or whatever the device name is). We use TCP port 1554 for RTSP streaming.


Here are some normal errors when setting up SIPIDO

  • Make sure other and/or older SIP settings previously configured have been removed
  • Troubleshoot network settings
  • Reboot the device and start again
  • Make sure the BARTEC PIXAVI Device is running the latest firmware, and is connected to an unrestricted network
  • If you are using Wi-Fi tethering or a Wi-Fi modem from a mobile network operator, the SIP ports are often blocked. We have also seen that some ISPs are also blocking these ports. Check with your provider if the SIP ports 5060 and 5061, RTP/RTCP ports 7050-7053 are open or not. This can cause a situation where SIP registration works, but you cannot place a call. Some firewalls allow audio but not video.
  • Calling from Orbit X to Impact X is possible. We recommend calling directly from Orbit X to Impact X by using the predefined number functionality.