Orbit X Initial Setup

Getting started with the Orbit X

The Orbit X requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to be managed through Collaboration X. To get the Orbit X connected to the internet for the first time you need to either use the “Orbit X” app available on BARTEC PIXAVI Impact X, Gravity X or available for any Android device from Google Play (Android 4.4. or newer required). You can also configure the Orbit X directly from Collaboration X running in your browser. For initial setup you can either

  • Use Orbit X setup app and follow on screen instructions on your smartphone
  • Use Collaboration X “Assign Device Tab” (available in any browser). Wi-Fi networks are added under “policies”.
  • Type in the Wi-Fi credentials here and scan the QR code with your Orbit X.

Once the Orbit X initial setup is done and the Orbit X is online (Wi-Fi LED blinking green), you can assign the device to a Collaboration X account by scanning a second QR code. When this is done, you can send policies to the devices from Collaboration X, and manage it from the cloud!

The initial setup (option 2) is easiest for “normal” (WPA PSK or WEP) networks where you have an SSID and password. If you do not have “normal” networks, and only have enterprise networks (WPA EAP networks with user name, identity and certificates) you need to use option 1 for initial pairing. From Orbit X configurator you can send the Wi-Fi Settings to Orbit X. Below, you can find the screenshots from Collaboration X. For instructions using the Orbit X setup app, have a look in the Orbit X Quick Guide found here. You create a Wi-Fi network in Collaboration X under “Policy” and then “New Policy” and “Wi-Fi Network”.

NB! Captive portal (browser based login) networks such as most enterprise guest networks is not supported.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.04.43Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.05.02

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.05.08