Orbit X in the field

The Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi camera is capable of performing live, full HD 1080p video from the field using Wi-Fi. It can be remotely configured using Collaboration X. This is explained in this tutorial on how to configure SIPIDO. The field user only needs to care about a very few things in order to operate the device. To understand the status of the Orbit X, you need to know the LED lights which you can find in the quick guide.

Field procedure

  1. Make sure the device is properly configured (previous steps in this guide)
  2. Power on the device by long pressing the power button. Booting takes less than 1 minutes
  3. Verify that the Wi-Fi LED on the back of the device is green.
  4. Make sure the device is ready for use which is indicated by the constant Green LED. You can wake it up by pressing the power button once. Standby color is blinking yellow every 5 seconds.
  5. Long press the shutter button (top, big button) for more than 7 seconds. The button will be first blinking red and then green
  6. A call to the predefined number will start



Here are some normal errors when setting up SIPIDO

  • Make sure other and/or older SIP settings previously configured have been removed
  • Troubleshoot network settings
  • Reboot the device and start again
  • Make sure the BARTEC PIXAVI Device is running the latest firmware, and is connected to an unrestricted network
  • If you are using Wi-Fi tethering or a Wi-Fi modem from a mobile network operator, the SIP ports are often blocked. We have also seen that some ISPs are also blocking these ports. Check with your provider if the SIP ports 5060 and 5061, RTP/RTCP ports 7050-7053 are open or not. This can cause a situation where SIP registration works, but you cannot place a call. Some firewalls allow audio but not video.
  • Calling from Orbit X to Impact X is possible. We recommend calling directly from Orbit X to Impact X by using the predefined number functionality.