Inspection and Maintenance

Since the smartphone is equipped with powerful processors, sensors and software, it can be used for a wide range of tasks, effectively replacing tools that is used today. Another benefit is that these tools are now more easily available than ever before, more affordable, and the user experience is better. To increase efficiency, most enterprises are exploring enterprise mobility in order to digitize their workflows. Replacing pen and paper ensures traceability and increases efficiency.


OTG Smart Inspect

OTG (Oilfield Technology Group) Smart Inspect is a generic system that can be customized to any inspection purposes. Smart Inspect enables you to work smarter and take advantage of the mobile technology today. OTG Smart Inspect can be used for, Dropped object inspections (DROPS), Safety inspections, Barrier inspections, Management Audits, Housekeeping inspections, Documentation & reporting to mention a few. Read more and download the app here.