MDM Security

In todays BYOD-world (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management) is becoming increasingly important for all enterprises. Having an MDM system is often required to be able to use corporate emails, log into ERP systems etc. Also, ensuring control over sensitive data, as well as enforcing security policies is becoming an increasingly interesting topic for IT-managers. the Android operating system has a wide range of built in functionality, but to get the most out of the possibilities, we recommend using any of the below MDM systems in addition.


There are several MDM systems available for Android

  • Collaboration X
  • Mobile Iron
  • AirWatch
  • SAP

Collaboration X

Collaboration X service is highly available, scalable and user friendly. Collaboration X comes with a series of mobile device management features, such as security policies, Wi-Fi settings, and device wiping. Collaboration X is also featuring some unique add on functionality such as a file management service called Media Library. The Media Library automatically uploads all media from the devices to the Collaboration X account. This makes it easy to store and share images, no USB cables needed for transferring data. Read more about Collaboration X here.








MDM keeps your company’s devices covered at the operating system (OS) level. Both SAP Mobile Device Management (cloud) and SAP Afaria (on-premise) detect compromised devices, ensure compliance with corporate policies and enable immediate resolution. These industry-leading solutions elegantly scale to safeguard any sized company, from startups to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of devices deployed. More information can be found here.