Mobile Video and VOIP

Video conferencing and video streaming is gaining traction as an important collaboration tool for many knowledge-intensive companies. The reason is obvious, with video conferencing, businesses save time, money and logistical challenges. Video conferencing is a new work tool that enables new work practices, such as instant problem solving and remote inspections. Mobile video communication devices give the user a unique possibility to bring remote expertise into the field instantly. High Quality Video conferencing technology has changed the way many companies communicate and do business. Extending video conference to the field by using BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices for hazardous areas.


Tried and tested mobile video and VOIP apps from various suppliers

  • SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence
  • Vidcie video streaming
  • Skype for Business
  • Google Hangouts
  • Viber
  • Whats app




SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence

With the SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence app for BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices, you can conduct live video conferencing sessions and stream video from the field. With SIPIDO, your BARTEC PIXAVI device doubles as a mobile telepresence endpoint. The benefits are obvious, video conferencing in the field saves travel costs and time. With SIPIDO mobile telepresence you can work smarter and solve problems remotely, without having to send experts and technicians to the site. Read more here.

The Vidcie Security App

An important component of the Vidcie InSight solution, the Vidcie Security App transforms your Android or iOS Smartphone into a powerful, mobile, live-video incident reporting device. The Vidcie Security App can be used by Security and Law Enforcement Teams, Design Inspiration for Mobile App Integration as well as System Testing. More info from Vidcie here.






Skype for Business

Skype offers professional meetings and collaboration. Skype for business offers online meetings, messaging, calls, video, and sharing with up to 250 people. Find anyone in your company and schedule meetings in Outlook as well as Enterprise-grade security and management of employee accounts. Read more about Skype for business here.