RFID and Barcode reading

RFID tags and readers is used in most industries. To date, it has been mostly heavy and bulky PDAs with legacy operating systems that has supported RFID for hazardous area. BARTEC PIXAVI wanted to change that, and have the most user friendly and lightweight IECEx and ATEX zone 1 smartphone available on the market, the Impact X. The Impact X can be used for barcode reading, such as normal 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes using the quick and powerful HD cameras. Read time is comparable with an IR scanning device. Combined with Android, and support for third party software, the Impact X is the best solution available for hazardous areas. Read more about barcode scanning for hazardous areas. 



Barcode scanner

More and more parts, machinery, piping and material are tagged with barcodes from both the suppliers as well as the original part manufacturers. Traditionally, these codes has been read by laser scanners, but recent developments within digital imaging technology allows for both 1D and 2D barcodes to be read by digital cameras as quickly and without errors. The short video above was taken with an Impact X running the ZXing barcode scanning app. Read time is less than 0,5 seconds. This is one of many barcode scanning apps available on Google Play. Read more and download the app here.



IFS Scan It

IFS Scan It lets you capture data and execute often time consuming ERP processes within and beyond the warehouse in a simple and efficient way on smartphones as well as ruggedized professional devices. IFS Scan It comes with an easy-to-understand user interface consisting of a process menu to get you started, followed by a customer configured process flow which for each step tells you what to capture by scanning a barcode or manual entry. Read more and download the app here.