SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence


Mobile Telepresence

High Performance
High end Imaging
Cloud managed


With the SIPIDO Mobile Telepresence app for BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices, you can conduct live video conferencing sessions and stream video from the field. With SIPIDO, your BARTEC PIXAVI device doubles as a mobile telepresence endpoint. The benefits are obvious, video conferencing in the field saves travel costs and time. With SIPIDO mobile telepresence you can work smarter and solve problems remotely, without having to send experts and technicians to the site.

Hardware Accelerated

Smartphones and and tablets come with full HD cameras and displays and the processing power to encode full HD video. However, to fully utilize the hardware accelerated video capabilities featured in these devices you need SIPIDO, worlds first 1080p telepresence app with hardware acceleration. The speed and video quality is unprecedented!

User Friendly

Enjoy a simplistic and user friendly interface that takes mobile video communication to the next level. Tight integration with the host OS and Collaboration X service makes it easy to deploy and manage. Quickly and easily deploy your SIP and network settings and start dialing any video conferencing endpoint. Telepresence has never been easier!


A picture says a thousand words, and with video, it is much easier to tell the whole story with the least amount of effort. The SIPIDO app is your eyes and ears in the field, allowing you to do live HD telepresence video calls from any location using any network. In this way, organizations can leverage their capabilities, solve problems faster, and reduce travel costs. The application is designed with the professionals and experts in mind, allowing them to spend more time doing value adding services instead of traveling.




The SIPIDO app features two way audio and video as well as a laser pointer. With the laser the user can easily explain what he or she sees. The benefits of this innovative way of collaborating is obvious, with the SIPIDO mobile telepresence app you can work smarter and solve problems remotely, without having to send experts and technicians to the site. One team can support several locations simultaneously. Instant troubleshooting and remote assistance has finally reached the mobile worker.




Ad hoc telepresence sessions
Mobile video conferencing
Training sessions
Remote trouble shooting


Full hardware acceleration
Intuitive GUI
Low power consumption


Make better decisions
Increase flexibility
Decrease travel expenses
Improve work routines


Full HD 1080p
30 FPS
SIP protocol
Collaboration laser

The SIPIDO mobile telepresence app is designed for the BARTEC PIXAVI Impact X, Orbit X and Gravity X. These intrinsically safe devices has all the functionality you will expect from a high end smartphone, video conferencing system, and Wi-Fi camera combined. With SIPIDO and any of BARTEC PIXAVIs mobile devices, you have a complete HD video communication system capable of reducing your costs and increase productivity. Read more about our mobile devices here.

Video and Imaging
Video Full HD video support (1080p)
Frame Rate 30 FPS
Codecs H.264/AVC codec
Acceleration Uses hardware acceleration
Video Two way video
Orientation FlipScape - SIPIDO choose correct camera based on orientation
In call actions Snapshot, Laser, LED light
Audio features
Audio capabilities Digital omni directional microphone
Audio quality Full duplex audio communication
Headset Handsfree support
Headset Bluetooth and wired (3.5 mm)
Audio Codecs G.711 and G.722
Audio Quality CD quality (G.722)
Audio Echo cancellation
Video Conferencing Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, Lifesize and any other SIP enabled video conferencing system. WebRTC support in future release
Gateways SIP
Virtual Meeting Rooms Third party solutions
Networking features
Video conferencing SIP
Firewall NAT
Packet loss Packet loss error concealment
Bandwidth 64 kbps up to 8 mbps bandwidth
Wireless Wi-Fi or mobile networks
Hosted Service
On Premise Management system
Service Providers Partners and third party