Xcaster EX5000

Atex Camera with Video Conferencing

NB! This product is now discontinued. The product is replaced by the Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone. The video conferencing functionality is now available as an application named “SIPIDO” available for Impact X. The Impact X is a easy to use, high quality IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certified smartphone. More info here: Impact X Intrinisally Safe Smartphone


We use it for instant
problem solving and
decision making

Ex Certified
High end Imaging
Extended Battery
Rugged / Waterproof


The Xcaster is an IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 certified, wireless, High Definition Telepresence ATEX camera. It is designed to reduce travel costs and increase operational efficiency in your organization. The compact and rugged product uses well established video conferencing standards such as SIP, H.323, ISMA and RTSP streaming over wireless networks. It is simply the best way of communicating in hazardous areas. If you only need a IECEx and ATEX digital camera, check out our Xcorder EX4000 intrinsically safe camera here.



 One saved offshore trip pays back the investment value of one Xcaster EX5000


The Xcaster is ATEX camera IECEx certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2. The mobile video communication devices give the user a unique possibility to bring remote expertise into the field instantly. Two way high quality video (HD) and audio can be streamed in real time. Often, the value of a mobile video conferencing system can be demonstrated as easily as one saved helicopter trip, or one problem solved faster than originally expected. The Xcaster ATEX camera lets the user share information with anyone, anywhere. It is your eyes and ears in the field.


atex camera Inspection-EX5000

atex camera in-front-of-pc-EX5000_500_504

  • Made in Norway
  • Better customer service
  • One-hand operation
  • No MOQ
  • Led light and night mode
  • Shorter lead times
  • 6 hours of use pr. charge
  • Uniqe touchscreen LCD


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Familiar and Intuitive User Iinterface

The Xcaster ATEX camera merges the best of two worlds: video conferencing and mobile phones. By using well known symbols and interfaces, users intuitively know how to operate the product, without the need for extensive training.


The incorporation of hands free operation is an important element in remote video collaboration. The user must have the ability to freely use his or her hands in order to have optimum flexibility when communicating. Wearability is a key element in the product.

Our mobile video conferencing products have always been designed with ergonomics and user friendly operation in focus. The Xcaster is a combination of a handheld and a wearable system. The Pixavi ATEX camera series was designed in cooperation with ConocoPhillips, Statoil and BP.


Featuring a long range of connectivity options, the Xcaster can be connected to external video devices, audio devices, power sources, networking gear, wireless access points, peripherals, storage devices antennas and displays. More information can be found if you click the “Accessories” button below.

Mobile Telepresence

Most businesses use telepresence in the meeting room. What about taking telepresence a step further and bring it out into the field, where the improved video quality can immediately make a difference?

The Xcaster extends your telepresence conference out in the field, supporting high definition 720p video and high quality audio. Mobile Telepresence enables new work practices such as instant problem solving, training, site surveys and remote inspections.

Subscription Free

There is no need for a network subscription. Just connect a Wi-Fi access point to the Internet and you can start dialing any standard video conferencing system. No fixed fee, no running fee.

Left hand Grip

The left grip is the offline grip, intended for PDA style interaction, with access to the navigation buttons, “hang up” button, mode button, address book and free access to the touch screen with your right hand, managing recorded contents and interacting with remote participants via image sharing.

High Definition Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a mainstream collaboration tool. The technology has matured and is now used daily by millions of people. Companies with large and distributed organizations are the early adopters of video conferencing tools since they have much value to gain from increased collaboration. Collaboration can leverage organizational skills, increase worker safety and reduce travel costs. The Xcaster brings these benefits to hazardous areas.

Ergonomic Design and Drop Safety

The Xcaster offers a good grip with full simultaneous button access. The grip is glove proof for rough and industrial applications in demanding environments. The handle is anti-static and the camera fits well in your hand. The C-Loop ensures drop safety.

Right Hand Action Grip

The right hand grip is the action grip, which is used when streaming, recording or taking snapshots, having all the action buttons available within the action radius of your thumb. This includes a dial button, zoom buttons, record button, navigation button and snapshot button.

Interaction Method of Your Choice

Not relying on only one method of user interaction, the Xcaster can be operated in three independent ways: via a remote web based interface, via the keypad, or via the touch screen. The web interface allows a remote party to control all the features of the Xcaster; in this way, the camera can be configured remotely, with no local assistance needed.


8 Megapixel Still Image Capture

The high end CMOS image sensor can capture 8 megapixel still images. The camera also have auto focus, night mode and instant browsing of the images on the LCD screen. The built in memory can store thousands of images in high quality. Image samples can be viewed in the gallery.

Hands Free Audio

The device has a built in digital microphone and a high perfor mance speaker (1W) to enable handsfree operation. Onboard echo cancellation ensures excellent audio quality. You can also use wired and wireless Bluetooth headsets.

The Xcaster is housed in a lightweight compact aluminum chassis and weighs only 800 grams, despite the advanced performance, technology and certifications.

Tripod Mount

The Xcaster can also be used for monitoring of a process over time. It can be mounted on a standard camera tripod. More information can be found if you click the “Accessories” button below.

Integrated Operations

Good audio and video communication is an important piece in an integrated operation (IO). IOs mean smarter, faster and safer
operations by using digital communication technologies. Integrated operations is digitalizing of oil-related operations, which is exactly what digital cameras and IP audio and video communication system does. With IO, one onshore team can support several platforms and production sites, all over the world. A picture is worth a thousand words, and at 30 fps (frames per second) the Xcaster can tell the whole story in no time.

Feature Rich Technology Package

The Xcaster is packed with the latest technology to allow for the greatest user experience possible. Below is an overview of the Xcaster’s feature list. Please look at the data sheet for even more details.


Smarter, faster, safer and better operations

Atex Camera
Image Resolution 8 Megapixel
Video Resolution 720P
Video Bitrates 128 kbps to 4096 kbps
Video Format H.264 and H.263
Video Streaming RTSP stream to VLC
Firewall Traversal STUN server support
Security WPA 2 Enterprise
Video Signaling SIP and H.323
Image Format JPEG
Media Transfer To any USB device or Server (CIFS)
Battery Time 6 Hours of full use
Storage 8GB - 32GB
Wi-Fi 802.11bg
Field of View 60 degrees
Focus Automatic
Light Modes Day, Normal and Night
Image Stabilizer Digital Stabilizer
Light 2 Watt LED
Mounting Tripod Mount
Safety C-loop for Dropped Object Safety
Size 130mm x 110mm x 30 mm
Weight 800 grams (28,2 oz)
Operating Temp. 20 to +40 Celcius
Materials Aluminium and antistatic grips
Screen 480x640 Touch enabled LCD
Ex Certified Zone 1 and 2 (Ex ib [ib] mb IIC T6)
IP Grade IP68 (water and impact proof)
Shock Resistance 4 Joule shock & 2 mtr. drop proof
CE CE Compliant
FCC FCC Certified
Toll Tariff HTC: 85258000
Country of Origin Made in Norway
Quick Guide Download (PDF format)