VisiWear ST3500

Mobile Wearable Wireless Video Conferencing

NB! This product is now discontinued. The product is replaced by the Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone. The video conferencing functionality is now available as an application named “SIPIDO” available for Impact X. The Impact X is a easy to use, high quality IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certified smartphone. More info here: Impact X Intrinisally Safe Smartphone

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Mobile Wearable Wireless
Video Conferencing

High Performance
High end Imaging
Extended Battery
Full Flexibility


A mobile wearable video conferencing and collaboration product enabling hands free communication of high quality real time video to virtually any video conferencing product on the market. Includes the Xcore codec, a miniature camera and a wireless headset.



  • Made in Norway
  • High End Codec
  • Flexible



  • Helmet Mounting
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Cloop Safe Carry

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The VisiWear ST3500 is a mobile wearable, wireless video conferencing device. The product incorporates the same technology as the the Xcaster, except for the built in camera. Instead it relies on external body worn camera(s) for completely handsfree operation. This Mobile Video Conferencing camera is relatively small. The product can automatically make high quality live video available to anyone in the world by Internet video streaming (VLC) or video conferencing (SIP or H.323).


Feature Rich Technology Package

The Pixavi 3500 Mobile Video Conferencing series can be worn as a belt pack or via a neck strap. Once connected to the Xcam Mini it can transmit HD video in real time over Wi-Fi. Using our Xcam Mini miniature camera the user can thereby wear the camera on a helmet, glasses or similar. The Mobile Video Conferencing codec can dial into any standard based video conferencing system or MCU. The camera is ideal for tasks where the user needs hands free operation while in the video conference.


The ST3500 is extending your reach, it is your eyes and ears in the field

mobile video conferencing VisiWear_EX3500_hand_hanging

Wireless Networking

The product features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking standard. This increases both the coverage, video quality, quality of service, and the multipart call capacity. It also supports WPA2 enterprise security.

Hands Free and Wireless Audio Support

The device has a built in digital microphone and a high performance speaker (1W) to ensure hands free. Combined with the onboard echo cancellation, the user is ensured excellent audible quality. You can also use wireless bluetooth headsets or tethered headsets. This is included in the package.

Lightweight and Rugged but also Compact

The VisiWear codec is housed in a rugged constructed aluminum chassis and weighs only 550 grams, despite the advanced performance, technology and certifications it holds. The combination of light weight and rugged materials makes it able to withstand drops of up to 2 meters on a concrete floor. It is certified for IP 65.

Advanced Connectivity

Featuring ports for USB, Wi-Fi, Wireless audio, Ethernet, PoE, Audio in, Audio out, Microphone In, Video in, HD in, Video out, HD out, the VisiWear 3500 series can take on pretty much any Audio, Video or Data peripheral available.

Examples of connected video sources are:

  • CCTV Camera
  • Rifle Scope Video Output
  • IR camera
  • Borescope
  • Medical cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Miniature head mounted cameras
  • Button camera
Mobile Video Conferencing
H.323 Signaling H.323, H.450, H.350, H.235, H.239, H.460
SIP Signaling RFC 3489, RFC 3261, RFC 2237, RFC 3264, RC 3311. RFC 3550, RFC 2032, RFC 2190, RFC 2429, RFC 3407, RFC 3489
Wireless 802.11a/g and Bluetooth
Streaming RTP, RTSP, ISMA
Video Quality CIF, 480P, 720P
Video Bitrates 128 kbps to 4096 kbps
Video H.263, H.264
Audio G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.728
Connections Component HD video input, Component HD video output, Ethernet, Composite video, 7 Volt output for camera supply, DC input, SMA antenna connection, DC input.
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
Security WPA 2 Enterprise
Integrated Peripherals Codec, speaker, microphone, antenna
Storage/Recording Internal 32 GB of flash storage
Size 130mm x 110mm x 30 mm
Weight 550 grams (28,2 oz)
Temp. Range -20 to +40 Celcius
Material Aluminium
Battery 6 Hours of full use
Safety C-loop for Dropped Object Safety
Screen 480x640 Touch LCD
IP Grade IP65
Shock Resistance 1 Joule shock & 2 mtr. drop proof
FCC FCC Compliant
CE CE Compliant
Country of Origin Made in Norway
Toll Tariff HTC: 85258000