Xcaster ST5000

Wireless Telepresence Camera

NB! This product is now discontinued. The product is replaced by the Impact X Intrinsically Safe Smartphone. The video conferencing functionality is now available as an application named “SIPIDO” available for Impact X. The Impact X is a easy to use, high quality IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certified smartphone. More info here: Impact X Intrinisally Safe Smartphone

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The Xcaster Enables Wireless Telepresence in the Field

Georg Thingbø, Viju

High Performance
High end Imaging
Extended Battery
Full Flexibility


The Xcaster ST5000 is the world’s first wireless telepresence video and audio communication device. It features Pixavi’s user friendly collaboration system along with the latest video, audio, and wireless technologies. Integrated in a sleek, wearable, rugged and impact proof design, the Xcaster is extremely versatile, ready to take on any communication task.

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Head down to the factory floor, from the comfort of your chair

The ST5000 enables high quality audio and video conferencing to and from any location, using any network and video conferencing device or computer. The product helps organizations operate more efficiently by enabling better safety, better and more rapid decision making, lower travel costs, and more efficient use of resources.


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Wireless Telepresence Camera glove-proof

Pixavi brings telepresence technology out into the field. The Xcaster series products are designed for remote troubleshooting, diagnostics, surveys, training and inspection tasks. It is faster, safer and more reliable than sending an expert out in the field. Also, the Xcaster allows you to have support available at short notice, and serve several locations with one team. The Xcaster provides better HSE, with less traveling and fewer people exposed to risks.

The ST5000 use Wi-Fi to transmit high quality audio and video. You can also connect Bluetooth headsets and tethered mini cameras. It is versatile and flexible and can be used for a wide range of tasks. It is completely hands free and wireless. It supports industry leading standards for video streaming and video conferencing, such as SIP and H.323. The video scales automatically with the available bandwidth. Just connect the Xcaster to a wireless access point and you can dial into a video conference system, or directly to any computer on the internet. It is fast, safe and reliable. You get the ROI on your investment in video conferencing technology the minute you resolve an issue that would otherwise require traveling. It is instant and easily measurable. Get started today!


The Xcaster is a wireless High Definition camera that is designed to help organizations and companies reduce their travel cost, decrease their carbon footprint and substancially increase their efficiency. This is obtained through communicating using telepresence quality audio and video. This product can be used for hands on training, troubleshooting, diagnostics, surveys and maintenance tasks. The compact and rugged designed product features the latest streaming and video conferencing standards available on the market, including SIP, H.323 as well as ISMA streaming.

The Pixavi Approach

The general idea of video conferencing today is based on face to face communications, to enable participants in meetings to see each other from different locations. Pixavi has since 1999 offered a new way of utilizing video conferencing and collaboration technology. Having the benefit of the latest wireless technology, video compression codecs and the fastest processing power in a compact, wearable design, the Pixavi customers are able to take the organizational expertise to wherever it is needed. It is your eyes and ears in the field!

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Connectivity and External Features

Through a long range of connectivity options, the Xcaster can be connected to external video devices, audio devices, power sources, networking gear, peripherals, storage devices, antennas and displays. Our mobile video conferencing products have always been designed with ergonomics and user friendly operation in focus.

State of the Art

The Xcaster is combining state of the art hardware and peripheral technologies with the Linux operating system running Pixavi’s latest video conferencing signaling, QoS, collaboration and streaming software and firewall traversal technology. With the addition of state of the art wireless networking technology. The Xcaster is simply as close as you can come to the ultimate video conferencing device.

Familiar and Intuitive User Interface

The Xcaster features a blend between two worlds: video conferencing and mobile phones. By using well known symbols and interfaces, users will automatically know how to operate the product, without the need for extensive training.

Mobile, Wireless Telepresence

Today’s applications for telepresence are tied to the meeting rooms. What about taking telepresence a step further and bring it out of the meeting rooms and into the field, where the improved video quality can start making a difference? The Xcaster brings the ability to take your telepresence conference out in the field, with the support for high definition 720p video and high quality audio.

Subscription free

The Xcaster is based on licence free networking protocols you use every day such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is no need for a network subscription. Just connect a Wifi access point to the Internet and you can start dialing any party connected to the internet, being a PC, video conferencing system or a mobile phone. No fixed fee, no running fee. That’s IP telephony.

Top Notch Ergonomic Design

The Xcaster features a dual function grip with full simultaneous button thumb access. The grip is also GloveProof™ for rough and industrial applications in demanding environments.

Right Hand Action Grip

The right hand grip is the action grip, which is used when streaming, recording or taking snapshots, having all the action buttons available within the action radius of your thumb. This includes a dial button, zoom buttons, record button, navigation button and snapshot button.

Left Hand Offline Grip

The left grip is the offline grip, intended for PDA style interaction, with access to the navigation buttons, “hang up” button, mode button, address book and free access to the touch screen with your right hand, managing recorded contents and interacting with remote participants via image sharing.


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High Quality

The Xcaster is utilized when there is a need for rich communication, beyond what telephones, cellulars, PDAs, videophones and stationary video conferencing systems can offer. The Xcaster brings the ability to share information safely with anyone, anywhere. High quality video (HD), CD quality audio and high resolution still images (8 megapixels) are transferred in real time full duplex between users. The participants can also interact through image and application sharing. Due to the Xcaster’s rugged and intrinsically safe certifications it can be utilized in virtually any environment. It can handle water depths of 10 meters, 4 joule impact and 2 meter drops. The Xcaster also comes in an Ex certified version for hazardous areas called the Xcaster EX5000.

High definition Video Conferencing

Featuring High Definition video conferencing, a feature only available in high end video conferencing meeting room solutions, the device outperforms any other mobile device on the market. H.264 AVC codec ensures supreme quality. The wireless telepresence system can also be used with MCUs and video content streaming servers for multipoint video calls and archiving.

Hands free audio support

The device has a built in digital microphone and a high perfor- mance speaker (1W) to ensure hands free. Onboard echo cancellation ensures excellent audible quality.

Lightweight, rugged and compact construction The Xcaster is housed in a well constructed aluminum chassis and weighs only 550 grams, despite the advanced performance, technology and certifications it holds. The combination of light weight and rugged materials makes it able to withstand drops of up to 2 meters on a concrete floor.

Advanced connectivity

Featuring ports for USB, Wifi, Ethernet, PoE, Audio in, Audio out, Microphone In, Video in, HD in, Video out, HD out, the Xcaster can take on pretty much any Audio, Video or Data peripheral out there.

Tripod mount

The Xcaster can be mounted on a standard camera/camcorder tripod in case of stationary and fixed installations where the operator wants the camera to monitor a specific event over a longer period of time.

Wireless Telepresence Camera
Image Resolution 8 Megapixel
Video Resolution CIF, 480P, 720P
Video Bitrates 128 kbps to 4096 kbps
Video Format H.264 and H.263
Video Streaming RTSP stream to VLC
Firewall Traversal STUN server support
Security WPA 2 Enterprise
Video Conferencing SIP and H.323
Image Format JPEG
Media Transfer To any USB device or Server (CIFS)
Battery Time 6 Hours of full use
Storage 8GB - 32GB
Field of View 60 degrees
F Value 1:2.8
Sensor 1/3.2 size, high end CMOS sensor
Focus Automatic
Light Modes Day, Normal and Night
Image Stabilizer Digital Stabilizer
Light 2 Watt LED
Mounting Tripod Mount
Safety C-loop for Dropped Object Safety
Size 130mm x 110mm x 30 mm
Weight 550 grams (28,2 oz)
Temp. Range -20 to +40 Celcius
Material Aluminium and antistatic grips
Screen 480x640 Touch enabled LCD
IP Grade IP65
Shock Resistance 4 Joule shock & 2 mtr. drop proof
FCC FCC Certified
Country of Origin Made in Norway
Toll Tariff HTC: 85258000
CE CE Compliant
Guick Guide Download (PDF format)