Wireless X

Next-Gen ATEX Wi-Fi Access Point




No more 40 Kg steel enclosures. This is a revolution!

Ex Certified
Dual Band Wifi
High Performance
Highly Customizable
Multi Frequency
Zone 1


The Wireless X is nothing but a revolution within Wi-Fi in hazardous areas. Based on 15 years of experience with Wi-Fi and hazardous areas, BARTEC PIXAVI has re-designed Wi-Fi offering by creating the smallest, lightest and highest performing Wi-Fi access point for zone 1 ever created. Based on both clever engineering, material science and state of the art wireless infrastructure, we are now eliminating the need for bulky and heavy enclosures and antennas. Introducing the smart, user friendly, lightweight and circular Wireless X!

The new, compact design, with a new and smart combination of metal and plastic material technology has a several benefits. You do not need external antennas. This means you can save cost of the antenna, cable and glands. By using the latest and greatest Wi-Fi access points from industry leaders such as Cisco, we were able to both offer the newest and best Wi-Fi technology, in a more compact form factor. Having the latest Wireless technology ensures reliable operation as well as coverage, security and network speed. The Wireless X can be used for both Wi-Fi, WirelessHART, Bluetooth, ISA 100 as well as 2G/3G/4G mobile networks. The Wireless X is available in both POE and Fiber with integrated Dual Band antennas and MIMO technology, depending on the technology you choose inside the device.


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Based on the new Cisco 3700 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band access point, the Wireless X noes not need any external antennas, glands or cables. By using the internal antennas, combined with years of experience creating miniature EX products, we have managed to create a smarter solution. The Wireless X has clever use of highest grade polycarbonates in order to remove the need for external antennas. The new and smart circular design ensures that the product is well within the requirements for the EX certification. With a rigid stainless steel or aluminum base, the Wireless X is IP68 and IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 compliant. The result is a staggering reduction of 1/2 installation time, 1/8th of the weight and 1/4th of the size compared to a EX-d based enclosure solution with external antennas. This allows the users to create Wi-Fi in any hazardous location at a fraction of the cost compared with legacy solutions. The software is Ciscos own, making it plug and play for most networks. The Cisco Wi-Fi portfolio is industry leading and known amongst most IT management organizations.

Unique features

  • Based on 15 years experience
  • No need for external antennas, cables and glands reduces weight, cost and size
  • Use latest Wireless technology from industry leaders in hazardous areas
  • Available in both aluminum and stainless steel versions
  • Fiber optic model with LC connector available
  • Support for both internal and external (stub) antennas
  • Room for most access point types, including WirelessHART, Bluetooth, ISA 100, 2G/3G/4G and others
  • Manufactured in Norway
  • IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certified
  • Compared with existing solutions, the Wireless X is a “plug and play” and “off the shelf” solution
  • Easier installation, inspection and maintenance
  • Flexible mounting of various access points


Smart mounting bracket

The innovative mounting bracket makes it easy to install the access point by just one person. The bracket can be mounted at the installation location prior to the arrival of the access point, and when you have the connections terminated (POE or Fiber with local power) in the EX-e chamber, you can easily install the Wireless X without any additional tools. The standard dimensions, and “turn and click” lockable fastening mechanism makes sure the device can be fitted to any flat surface. This makes the bi-annual inspection of EX-e chamber easy, saving as much as 50 % of the time and effort needed for inspections. Mounting options for pole mounting also available on request. The mounting kit includes smart dome stand box and safety wires.

The Wireless X is Developed in cooperation with Cisco


Antennas Integrated
Input Voltage range 85V AC to 264V AC, 90V DC to 375V DC or POE (48V DC) POE (Power Over Ethernet)
Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Temperature Range -20 to 60°C for version with total dissipation up to 22.5W
-20 to 53°C for version with total dissipation up to 34W
Interfaces Terminal block connection for Ethernet cable
Splice tray for 9/125 μm single-mode or 62.5/125 μm multi-mode fiber
Fiber optic models with LC connectors
POE supported
Daisy Chain and Mesh Daisy Chain and Mesh Networks supported
Size Ø x H = 452.5 x 188
Weight 10 kg for Aluminum version
25 kg for Stainless Steel version
Ex-d Room for many different access points with internal antennas from Cisco, Aruba, Zebra or other vendors
Explosion protection
Certification ATEX Presafe 17 ATEX 11333 X
Marking ATEX Ex II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb
Certification IECEx IECEx PRE 17.0059 X
Marking IECEx Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb
Ambient temperature Aluminum (AL): -20 ºC ≤ Tamb ≤ 60 °C

Stainless steel (SS): -20 ºC ≤ Tamb ≤ 56 °C
Datasheet Download datasheet (EN)