ROI calculations



The data which forms the basis for the ROI calculations is collected from customer interviews and market data from various resources listed below. The data is from the North Sea, where most installations are offshore, +/- 2 hours helicopter trip, 1 day PSV travel from nearest logistical hub. These numbers are assumptions and varies greatly from case to case. To simplify, we have assumed that the installation site already have invested in Wi-Fi and broadband services, or if it is onshore, that there are 3G or 4G networks available. Onshore networks, computers or video conferencing equipment is already in use by most customers to date. The marginal cost of bandwidth is negligible for Fiber, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data.




Input for ROI calculations for the use cases


Offshore Operational Cost (2015) Cost
Average cost of offshore helicopter trip: 22 000 USD / per trip
Average cost of offshore worker: 1 000 USD / per day
Day rate for deep water offshore rig (2014 North Sea average): 520 000 USD / per day
Day rate for PSV vessel (2014 average): 17 000 USD / per day
Cost of broadband services for offshore installation: 1 000 USD / per day
Break even oil price (average) North Sea 2015: 51,7 USD / barrel



Sources: Interview with offshore workers, BARTEC PIXAVI customers, helicopter service providers, “Økt Brønn og Boreaktivitet i Nordsjøen” published August 16th 2012,”Fakta 2014” published January 2015, “Sokkel-året 2013” published January 15th 2014, Douglas Westwood World Offshore Oil and Gas Helicopters Market Forcast 2015, Historical dayrates from RigZone June 2015.