Ad hoc Inspection


An unexpected issue arises in the field, either onshore or offshore. There is an immediate need for an experienced technician as well as a component and supplier representative to assess and resolve the issue at hand. Instead of sending people to the site, there is an alternative solution.


By using powerful collaboration tools such as high quality audio and video, the problem at hand can be communicated efficiently. The technician can share live images, video and data from the field to onshore experts. Collaboration can be either real time, or the images and videos can be automatically stored.


ad hoc inspection use case


High definition SIP video conferencing for collaboration. The camera can be used for for documentation, image, storage and video sharing. The user have direct access to online documentation for data sheets and procedures. Fix any problem with pre-given or real time collaborative instruction sessions. Fewer personnel exposed to risk and reduced room for error.


Using the available networks, either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, the technician is able to connect to an onshore expert easily and securely. The information is available in any browser or any video conference system.



ad hoc inspection use case overview

  • 5 video enabled devices from BARTEC PIXAVI
  • 5 ad hoc inspections per year, each with 3 days duration
  • 1 engineer per inspection
  • 2 helicopter and 1 PSV trips (scheduled inspection)
  • Investment: 27 400 USD upfront + 12 775 USD running costs per year
  • Basis for ROI calculations below found here



Man Hours




Annual cost reduction

180 000 USD

61 000 USD

241 000 USD

60 days

228 000 USD

  • Fast response and expert advice available at the remote site, without the need for expensive travel to site (e.g. Helicopter)
  • Reduction of down-time due to fast solving of solution and immediate response
  • Reduction of specialists personnel on site due to remote availability and performance (e.g. overnight stays of specialists)
  • Quick determination of problem at hand to enable swift decision making
  • Flawless, paperless & digital documentation of circumstances and process, enabling KPI tracking and also legal compliance towards management and supplier SLAs