Case Studies

Case Studies

BARTEC PIXAVI technology for hazardous areas have a wide range of applications. BARTEC PIXAVIs offer both smart mobile devices as well as wireless technologies for hazardous areas. The user has access to a wide range of value adding services and applications such as mobile video conferencing, office mobility apps, inspection and maintenance apps, ERP solutions and communication tools to mention a few. By using BARTEC PIXAVI technology, our customers save time, travel costs and increase efficiency.

Tyrihans Offshore Gas field in the North Sea

Geographic barriers are eliminated by effective use of technology

Karsten S. Bye Statoil Representative at the Tyrihans field says:

“The real gain (of using video collaboration) is to have direct contact with the technician (in the field) who has a problem, without having to go through a series of supervisors, managers and a lot of administration to get the simple answers on tricky questions”




Ekofisk field in the North Sea

The Ekofisk field is producing as much today (2008) as in 1983.

Brage Sandstad, Manager at the Ekofisk field says:

“The hours being spent doing videoconferencing is increasing 20 per cent a year, which demonstrates how the way the company works is changing”

(availability of the platform is 98,5 %) “I challenge anyone to have it better”

Shell SMW technology

BARTEC PIXAVI products were developed in cooperation with Shell.

“In practice, SMW technology is the wireless integration of Shell’s devices and communication between its personnel. Information from everything a well-equipped worker carries – GPS tracker, helmet with camera and voice integration, temperature-monitoring device and a range of other tools – is accessible to office-based employees working online. Reports from independent machine-monitoring devices also flow automatically into the company’s databases.”