Vibration Monitoring

Condition and Vibration Monitoring in hazardous areas

The SCOUT200 series represents the next generation of smarter, intrinsically safe portable data collectors from GE’s Bently Nevada product line. This revolutionary technology is used by businesses worldwide to improve asset availability, reliability and overall maintenance effectiveness. By transforming data into actionable information, you can make informed decisions with confidence. The SCOUT220-IS is both fully capable and Intrinsically Safe (IS)-rated, providing full functionality in all operating environments. IS products ensure your safety and save you both time and money as Hot Work permits are no longer necessary and entry can be gained by only one operator. The SCOUT200 series combination of accuracy, ease of use and intuitive operations means minimal user training is required. For optimal performance, all functionality upgrades are available in the field. The combination of the SCOUT220-IS and the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices allows for easier, faster and safer condition and vibration monitoring in hazardous areas.



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Bently Nevada SCOUT220-IS Key Features

  • Provides an economical condition monitoring solution. Specifically designed to allow rapid data collection by non-expert users with feedback via a straightforward needle graph summary.
  • Ideal solution for lower-criticality rolling element bearing machines.
  • More than 32 GB of storage.
  • Rugged hardware design.
  • IP67-sealed data collector.
  • IP68-sealed handheld device.
  • Spectrum and waveform, overall trends and alarm bands displays all available in the field.
  • Supports remote data acquisition with centralized analysis via the System 1 “Remote Comms” system, providing simple data transfer to and from the instrument in the field without requiring a PC or software.
  • Two input channels plus speed input.
  • Supports the patented Commtest 6Pack* recording system for rapid data acquisition by taking six recordings per channel simultaneously.
  • Supported by System 1 Evolution for integration into your comprehensive Bently Nevada condition monitoring and protection solution.
  • Equipped with a practical, multi-purpose handheld device.
  • Backed by Bently Nevada’s 50+ years of industry leading experience.


BARTEC PIXAVI Gravity X Key Features

  • IECEx and ATEX Zone 1
  • CSA Class 1 Zone 1
  • Made In Norway
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Light weight: 290 g
  • Waterproof, robust and shock-resistant (IP68)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi (2,4 Ghz + 5 Ghz)


Pairing via bluetooth with the BARTEC PIXAVI mobile devices is quick and easy. When the SCOUT220-IS is paired via bluetooth, you get access to a lot of relevant, and user friendly settings. The SCOUT220-IS combined with the “System 1 Collector” app running on BARTEC PIXAVI Impact X offers:

  • Battery status
  • Measurement parameters
  • Configuration of settings
  • Capture of images and video


Check out the videos and screenshots below for more information!



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For more information about the SCOUT220-IS, read more on the SCOUT220-IS product page.