Emergency for Machinery


Machines used in hazardous areas today are getting increasingly complex. The safety of and uptime of machines working in the field is therefore essential. The more complex the machine, more specialized engineers are required.


When critical machine failure happens, BARTEC products can quickly communicate data and visual footage to the specialist. The information helps the specialist to understand the means by which to correct the problematic machinery. The service man in the field can, with the help of the specialist engineers remote assistance solve the problem.




High definition SIP video conferencing for collaboration. The camera can be used for for documentation, image, storage and video sharing. The user have direct access to online documentation for data sheets and procedures. Fix any problem with pre-given or real time collaborative instruction sessions. Fewer personnel exposed to risk and reduced room for error.

Using the available networks, either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, the technician is able to connect to an onshore expert easily and securely. The information is available in any browser or any video conference system at any time.



corrective maintenance overview

  • 2 video enabled devices from BARTEC PIXAVI
  • 1 machinery emergency situation per year
  • 1 helicopter and 0 PSV trips
  • 0 days downtime or production stop avoided
  • Investment: 5 480 USD upfront + 1 277 USD running costs per year
  • Basis for ROI calculations below found here




Man Hours




Annual cost reduction

12 000 USD

22 000 USD

34 000 USD

72 days

32 722 USD

  • Specialist expertise available offshore without the need for expensive travel to site (e.g. Helicopter)
  • Tracking of personnel movement and location using GPS and Wi-Fi / 3G with Collaboration X.
  • Reduction of specialists personnel needed on site due to remote availability and performance (e.g. overnight stays of specialists)
  • One specialist on call can service many sites at once