Video Recording

Video Recording in Hazardous Areas

Video documentation of work performed in hazardous areas is often helpful for promotional and educational purposes. Professional video recording and video production requires high quality cameras with high end optics and image sensor performance. Low light performance as well as the possibility to manually configure settings such as aperture, focus, exposure time etc is important. In addition, the camera need to have high battery capacity and sufficient storage. Getting good sound is also key, having high quality stereo microphones, pointing in the same direction as the camera is also important to capture both voice and surroundings. Being able to mount the camera to a tripod is often also a requirement, and when the camera is mounted on a tripod, you should be able to record in both landscape and panorama a feature called “FlipScape“.

The BARTEC PIXAVI Gravity X, Impact X and Orbit X has the highest quality cameras ever used in hazardous areas. That is the reason why these products has been used for a wide range of professional video shoots all over the world. Using BARTEC PIXAVI products, professionals has recorded promotional, educational and training videos shot directly in the hazardous area. The products has been used for time lapse, low light and fast moving images. BARTEC PIXAVI products are being used daily for video recording in hazardous areas.



Supported Formats

  • EIS1080p
  • 1080p
  • EIS 720p
  • EISQ 1080p
  • Q1080p
  • VGA
  • QVGA
  • 8 Mpixel

File types supported

  • Jpg
  • Tiff
  • PNG
  • RAW
  • Mpg4
  • Mp4
  • H.264 AVC
  • AVI
  • MKV

Recommended Apps

  • Camera app
  • Cinema FV5
  • Camera FV5
  • Manual Camera
  • ProShot
  • Lapse it
  • Cameringo+
  • Camera MX

Locations for filming

  • Offshore oil installations
  • Onshore refineries
  • LNG and LPG tankers
  • Crude oil tankers
  • FPSOs and FSRUs
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Process industry plants
  • Underground mining
  • Alcohol Distilleries

The Gravity X is the only device for hazardous areas which can record Full HD videos for many hours. The device has about 28 GB of memory available, depending on the quality and the camera app used, you can get many hours of video. Other EX cameras does not support video and the memory is not fast enough to record video for more than 10 minutes. The Gravity X was designed to produce high quality images and video and the amount of video the device can store depends on the video quality, these are approximate numbers

  • 720p HD at 30fps 8 Mbit/s or 1 Mb/s – which means 28 GB holds around 27 000 seconds or 8 hours
  • 1080p HD at 30fps is 12 Mbit/s or 1,5 Mb/s – which means 28 GB holds 18 000 seconds or 5 hours



  • 1/3″ 8 Megapixel CMOS image sensors
  • 3264 x 2248 pixels, 1080p, 30FPS
  • Latest OmniBSI2 technology
  • Lens size is 1/3″
  • Backside illumination on sensor
  • Dynamic range is 68.7 dB @ 8x Gain
  • 30 FPS at 1080p and 60 FPS at 720p
  • Lens viewing angle 64,3 degrees viewing angle
  • F.number of 2.8
  • Auto focus range down to 10 cm


Case study

The Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera was used for shooting images and video in the EX zone 1 areas onboard the “Independence” FSRU in Lithuania. The reason for choosing the Gravity X was simple. Höegh LNG wanted the best EX zone 1 video camera ever made. The Gravity X is a revolution for hazardous areas, introducing a wide range of brand new, smart features and never-before-seen image quality. It allows the user to record images in full HD, 1080p 30 fps for many hours. The easy to use user interface and compact form factor made the video shoot a success. The time lapse functionality of the Gravity X was also cleverly used. NB! Enable full 1080p video in your browser to see the highest quality video ever taken in hazardous areas!

Read more about megapixels vs. quality, and watch actual footage, shot with the Gravity X Intrinsically Safe Camera for Höegh LNGs Independence FSRU below