Workflow Management


Efficiently digitalize and professionalize workflows as the EX industry slowly follows other industries towards a higher degree of automation in the sense of industrial Internet of Things (IoT)


Utilize BARTEC products in conjunction with an established ecosystem of RFID, NFC, and / or barcode reading technology together with GPS and automation software in order to rapidly increase efficiency of processes and production in hazardous areas. Functionality includes electronic identification and process logic based events seamlessly integrated in a infrastructure and backend system.


workflow management setup3


High definition SIP video conferencing for collaboration. The camera can be used for for documentation, image, storage and video sharing. The user have direct access to online documentation for data sheets and procedures. Fix any problem with pre-given or real time collaborative instruction sessions. Fewer personnel exposed to risk and reduced room for error.

Using the available networks, either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, the technician is able to connect to and ERP or service and maintenance.




workflow management setup

  • 10 Impact X / Gravity X devices from BARTEC PIXAVI
  • 3 hours reduced paperwork per day
  • 0 helicopter and 0 PSV trips
  • 0 days downtime or production stop avoided
  • Investment: 32 400 USD upfront + 0 USD running costs per year
  • Basis for ROI calculations below found here



Man Hours



Annual cost reduction

730 000 USD

730 000 USD

22 days

730 000 USD

  • Optimizing work order flow
  • Increased transparency
  • Reduction of human error factor
  • Tracking of personnel movement and location using GPS. Finding shortest path.
  • Real time data availability for collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Better planning and increased accuracy
  • Flawless, paperless & digital documentation of circumstances and process, enabling KPI tracking and also legal compliance towards management and supplier SLAs